Thursday, 5 March 2009

I am taking a fabulous bow...

Thank you to Karin for deeming me a recipient of a Fabulous Blog Award! I feel so special.

So the deal is I list five things I am addicted or obsessed with...

1. Diet Coke - it's manna from the gods and the sustenance which keeps me alive. I even suspect that were you to take a blood sample, a brown fizzy liquid would be dispensed instead.

2. Gmail - I check too many times a day. I love seeing Alexa, Beth or Gayle's names zing up in the inbox. Or a note to say someone commented on P Snark. Or that a publisher is sending me some books. It's the ultimate narcissistic experience.

3. Josh Jackson - Charlie from Mighty Ducks / Pacey from Dawson's Creek / Peter on Fringe - nuff said.

4. Books - hello I have a book review blog. Particular sources of obsession are currently Jenn Echols and Penguin's new classics range with the embossed covers - I want some of them bad.

5. Inari - David Jones' (a department store) basement, sweet rice parcels of absolute delight!

Now I need to pass on the fabulousness:

1. Alexicon
2. Just Listen
3. Look at that Book
4. My Favourite Books
5. Gayle Forman

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Janssen said...

Gmail is pretty much my best friend ever. LOVE.