Thursday, 20 January 2011

Melbourne Update

State Library of Victoria
I am now two weeks into my new position at the State Library of Victoria and as a new Melbournian.  Before moving here to become the Program Coordinator of the Centre for Youth Literature I had only ever been to Melbourne for 4 x 2 day trips.  Needless to say it is a lot of change but I feel unbelieveably appreciative for the opportunity to work in an area that I feel so passionately about - YA.  Change is a great motivator in my life and I am grabbing it with both hands.

You might have noticed that PSnark has had no content since my position began.  I am to blame.  I feel some expected unease about fulfilling a position of responsibility within the Australian YA community and sharing  my opinions on specific works.  While Persnickety Snark does not, and shall never, represent the opinions of the organisation that I work for - it does share my own.  The same opinions that have been recently branded "opinionated" (I choose to interpret that in the positive sense) and as a "mean girl of blogging" (blogger meant that in a positive light...I think).  And here's the rub - I am opinionated, sometimes my thoughts can be viewed as mean (though I never intend it that way) and I value integrity above all.  Honesty is important.

So here's some honesty.  I advised publishers that were hoping to send me review copies upon my return to Australia that I would no longer be reviewing as PSnark.  My job is now YA and the thought of going home and making myself create content seemed like over doing it.  While PSnark might have sporadic content - discussion posts and the odd interview - the content of various CYL online communications will contain items I've contributed.  More information to come and you really want to see what's about to be launched.  What I was producing during my spare time will be available via different avenues.  I won't be gone...just redirected.

PSnark will also be presenting content on author events around the Melbourne area.  This won't be a feature about Adele + will be focused on the authors and their work.   It will be Adele-light or Adele-free because there's only so many posts you can write before you bore yourself.  As you can tell I am diversifying but I won't be as regular in posting.

I've been exploring the idea of blogging on another genre.  I plan on making the blog entirely fun and not at all serious.  I may, or may not, advise you of my plans (*insert evil laugh*.)

As for moving to Melbourne - I love it.  I've been welcomed with open arms by Tye (aka The Book Griffyn) and her motley crew.  My new workplace is filled with passionate book people who are amazing at their jobs and Melbourne is lovely.  Sure, Melbourne rained on me the entire first week but she had her reasons.  One person suggested it was a christening - perhaps.  Or maybe Melbourne was commiserating for the plight of those to our north who have suffered tremendously in ways I cannot even contemplate.  (Some great fundraising inititives by Australian authors here and here.)

Melbourne Cricket Ground
In happier news ....

Tye took me to my first cricket match.  The Australia versus England 20/20.

This also resulted in my first time inside the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) which is spectacular.  It was a wonderful day and the atmosphere was electric.  Australia also happened to win - rare at the moment but a result of my presence :P

MCG brilliance
I still don't understand all that much about the game, who does what and the scoring but I had a ball (pun not intended but there nevertheless).  To give you an example of my lack of cricket knowledge - I had to ask what 20/20 meant.  I called my brother as I entered the MCG to tell him what I was doing.  He was initially shocked then hysterical - he's a fan that could not have interested me in a game even had he paid me.

Proof that being open to experiences is a good thing.

Melbourne is also a cracker of a gal once the night falls - just gorgeous.
I am still on twitter and will update the blog on the new places you will find reviews etc very soon.  Thanks to those people that contacted me about continuing blogging - never fear, I will still be around.



Robyn Bavati said...

Congratultions on your new job. Sounds so exciting. Hope we get the chance to meet.

Robyn Bavati said...

PS. Forgot to say, Welcome to Melbourne!!

Jess - The Tales Compendium said...

Oh wow your new job sounds amazing! And yay for Melbourne, there is always to much happening there!

Jade said...

SO EXCITING!! All the best with what's to come.

Michelle said...

Looks fantastic! So glad that you're having a wonderful and positive transition.

Braiden said...

Yes welcome to Melbourne! =D There's heaps to do. If you need help with anything don't be afraid to ask my 18 yr young knowledge of the city because i went from up past essendon to toorak everyday for school on the train so i was in the city everyday...and i work on southbank. So yeah if you need any locating give me a yell.

Emma said...

Your new job sounds absolutely fantastic. I've always loved your blog and expect to even as it goes in this new direction.

Thanks for giving us an update!

Steph Su said...

I'm sad to hear you won't be blogging as you did before... but I know it's all for the best! Your new job sounds like the perfect job, and I hope one day to be able to visit you in Melbourne. :)

nicole said...

i am shocked that you have never been to a cricket match. absolutely shocked.

oooh the love tye and i have for cricket. and football. expect melbourne to pull you by the teeth into football.

if it's sport than we love it :)

Literature for Lunch said...

It sounds like you are really enjoying your new position and surroundings. Best of luck in the future!

I am sad that you won't be blogging as before but completely understand. I will definitely be around still reading your posts. :)

Trish Doller said...

Congratulations on your new job!

Jess the Reader said...

I'm so glad you're loving your new job! I have another friend who has just started at the SLV, as an intern.

And I'm glad you're loving Melbourne too. It's my best place in the whole world. Don't worry, you'll soon get the hang of cricket, and in only a month it will be time to pick a football team! Go the Pies!

Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

Congrats on your new and exciting job. Hopefully Melbourne is cooler than Sydney at the moment (I'm sweltering)

W.I.P. It: A Writer's Journey

Jess the Reader said...

So glad to hear that you're loving Melbourne, it's the best city in the world in my opinion!

And you'll catch onto cricket, it took me ages too. But people love explaining things, and in a game like cricket there's plenty of time to do that. And the commentors on tv can be really funny, so it's good to have on in the background.

I think one reason I don't know anything about tennis is that you have to be quiet and watch. That's not my thing. Although I can be quiet in a library, but there's the promise of books there. The best thing the tennis has to offer is Pat Rafter, and he's retired.