Tuesday 30 November 2010

Reading Matters 2011

SLV image.
Reading Matters is the two day conference organised by the State Library of Victoria every second year.  As old time Persnickety Snark readers may remember, I attended in 2009 and had a ball.  Seriously, I met John Green and a whole host of authors who won me over with their charm.  If you haven't spoken to James Roy, Amra Pajalic, Sue Lawson, Michelle Cooper, Mo Johnson, Tristan Bancks or Anthony Eaton in person then I feel bad.  Lovely, lovely people.

I was also very privileged to interview MT Anderson and Mal Peet one on one which was incredible.  Whip smart gents the both of them and frightfully funny.

Read about my experiences here - summary and more specifically the John Green / librarian scrum exchange here for those of you who haven't experienced my mortification already.

The SLV has posted the schedule for the 2011 conference and it is a beaut!  May 27th-28th will be fun for the librarians, teachers, etc that attend.

Guests include (as originally listed on the Read Alert blog):
Cassandra Clare (US)
Markus Zusak
Melina Marchetta
Rebecca Stead (US)
Karen Healey
Ananda Braxton-Smith
Kirsty Eagar
Ron Brooks
Brenton McKenna
Leanne Hall
Lucy Christopher
Delphine de Vigan  (France)
Kate Burridge
Zoe Sadokierski
Denis Wright (NZ)
Cath Crowley
Jane Burke
Laura Buzo
Oliver Phommavanh
Richard Newsome

Reading Matters doesn't have the freebie book distribution that the American conferences have on offer.  To be honest, it isn't something that is missed.  It's all about the fantastic panels and discussions that take place on stage and over a muffin.

The panels for 2011 are amazing:
Monsters ink: Ananda Braxton-Smith, Karen Healey, Kirsty Eager, Brenton McKenna
Damsels in distress: Leanne Hall, Lucy Christopher, Delphine de Vigan
Great expectations: Markus Zusak, Melina Marchetta, Cassandra Clare
Dangerous arrangements: Jane Burke, Kirsty Eager, Denis Wright
Love and other bruises: Melina Marchetta, Cath Crowley, Laura Buzo
Truth and dare: Jane Burke and Lucy Christopher
Genre bending: Oliver Phommavanh, Lili Wilkinson, Richard Newsome

While this sounds as fascinating and fantastic as it is sure to be, there is more.  Authors give readings, performances accompany speeches and there is a reception where people can have a drink and a chat.

If you are Australian....have you booked yet?  If you aren't, what panel makes you salivate?


jonathan said...

As usual, we'll be sharing a few tickets between several of us at work, so I'll be there for at least one day, hopefully both.

The whole thing is getting me excited. Obviously Zusak is a big deal. I'm reading Kirsty Eagar's book now so it will be great to hear her and I think Karen Healy will be interesting too.

Based purely on panel titles, I think Monsters ink and Genre bending sound particularly interesting.

Marg said...

I am assuming that this is open to the general public. I am seriously tempted, but will decide after Christmas. It does look like an awesome, awesome line up.

Brenny said...

The great expectations panel makes me drool. So jealous! Have fun.

Chapter Chicks said...

I knew I shoudla moved to Australia! Lol I am so jealous.

But of course the Great Expectations is making my salivate. Have you seen a better panel? Congrats to anyone who gets to go!

Anonymous said...

I am so going. Last time it was my first public appearance and I was in a tizzy so this time I'm looking forward to just relaxing and enjoying myself. Now I have to expand my to read list so I catch up on the panelists work.

simmone said...

I'm going too - it's a fabulous line-up!

Anonymous said...

Like Amra, I was overwhelmed by first-time-speaking-in-public-as-an-author nerves in 2009, but I have some great memories of those three days (including meeting you, Adele!).

The 2011 line-up is awesome. I'm really pleased Zoe Sadokierski is on the list of speakers, because she creates amazing book designs, and I think she'll be great to hear.

Emma (the Expat) said...

OMG I wish I could go! This sounds so freakin awesome.

Tina said...

I'm incredibly jealous. The entire collection of authors sounds awesome. The two panels that interest me are Great expectations and love and other bruises... Melina Marchetta is one of my all time favorite authors.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm, I'm salivating over Markus Zusak and Melina Marchetta's panel! *drool*
I'll have to get onto some bookings!

kate.o.d said...

Vair exciting! I shall be there again. I'll be the one with bells on. haha.

Wasn't Mal Peet a hoot! I loved him. I think speaking with him and his wife Elspeth was my highlight last time.

and Tobin Anderson's presentation on his Octavian Nothing was spectacular - I can still remember the shivers I felt when he was talking about music influencing his writing, and writing in the style of the music...fucking blew me away!