Monday, 2 March 2009

An Ode to Ben Esch

I discovered Ben Esch via his fantastic interview and photo essay over at Alexa Young's Alexicon. I went to his blog immediately and was laughing myself silly. He brings out a sense of the ridiculous in me so I wrote him a poem.

You wear bright jumpers,
You are hirsute.
But I don’t care,
You’re awfully cute!

Sophomore Undercover’s out this week
Though I haven’t got my hands on it just yet.
Your blogs are funny, your cat jokes suck
But your book’s fantastic I am willing to bet.

Your jokes may be lame,
As does this rhyme.
But best wishes for your debut,
I’ll get it in good time.

Sophomore Undercover's in stores (in the USA at least) now.
Ben Esch's Blog
*This is the reason why I very rarely write poetry. I promise not to do it again anytime soon.


Shooting Stars Mag said...

hahah I love it Adele. And he IS cute, I think i'd only seen a quick look at his picture. Sophomore Undercover is hilarious. Review up soon. :)


Carrie said...

Very, very nice. You rock at writing poetry.

Adele said...

Thanks Lauren.

Carrie you are too kind (and have obvious typo issues - I think you meant to type 's instead of 'r' and 'o' instead of 'u')

Adele said...

I buggered that up, sigh.

Regardless the poem went downhill after the first verse.

wrigleyfield said...

Hey, I'd be flattered if someone wrote bad poetry for me!