Wednesday 16 February 2011

PSnark's New Online Existence

I've been promising to update you on my current online adventures for awhile now. Truth be told I've probably been a bit of a tease. But today I am following through.

This week celebrates my fifth week working for the State Library of Victoria in their Centre for Youth Literature (CYL). My role as Program Coordinator encompasses many things from conferences, youth days, professional development and a whole heap of online content. I may not be posting reviews on PSnark anymore but I will be posting them elsewhere. (However, PSnark will continue to host discussion posts and the odd event recap. I've also been asked to construct a series on Australian authors and that will be underway shortly.)

Where can you find me on the web?

Read Alert blog - this is the Centre for Youth Literature blog. Beware it looks a little antiquated but that will change from March. My team will be posting updates on Australian YA, reviews and a lot of new content.  I am currently attempting to post every other day and the most recent post is on romance in YA - Love, Romance & Broken Noses.

Inside A Dog - CYL's website has been an ongoing fixture of Australia's YA content but required an overhaul as technology moved ahead.  Good news - as of March 08 Inside A Dog will be launched in all of its sparkly brilliance.  I am already signed up to contribute reviews under SnarkyWench.  Teens and readers in general can create a profile and volunteer reviews on YA titles new and old.  Think Goodreads but groovier, younger and much more about peers recommending good reads (pun unintentional).  There is professional content for teachers and teacher librarians (and trust me as an educator, its amazing) as well as a writer's in residence program.  Each month a new author is spotlighted and contributes three (or more) posts per week over their time on a range of subjects.  Previous contributors have been John Green, Scott Westerfeld, Justine Larbalestier, Melina Marchetta, Simmone Howell, Penni Russon, etc

As for me, I shall be manning the Inside A Dog blog with competitions, interviews, spotlighted reviewers, book gossip, interactive discussions and a whole host of other things.  While the website isn't up for another three weeks you can hit the link and enter your email address to be advised when it's open to the public.  It's pretty, it's awesome and you will love it.

CYL e-newsletter
This little puppy is send out every second month and contains links to our reviews of Australian and international titles, upcoming events and important news.  It's very simple to subscribe and we won't inundate you with emails.  And yes, I will be creating content and writing reviews for this too :)

I am also manning the two twitter feeds for Inside A Dog website @insideadog and our general organisation feed @youthliterature should you be interested.

So hopefully that answers your queries (thanks for the emails) about where to find more Adele YA-content.

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Audrey (holes In My brain) said...

Yay! New ways to stalk you! ^_^ just kidding (not really), but anyways, glad to know where else to find you in cyberspace, off to check out those websites!