Tuesday 1 September 2009

Persnickety Snark August Wrap Up

I officially bequeath August: The Month of the Flu. It hadn't been the greatest month for me in terms of reviews as I have been snot-logged (charming I know) with two separate bouts of the flu - what can I say? It loves me!

I have 187 followers.
I am proud of this as there are no "competition followers" in this list.

268 subscribers.

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Reviews: There are only twelve but I am reading many Inky titles that I am obviously unable to review at this time. About five of them are well over the 400 page mark too which meant more time and more arm muscles!
Review - Into The Wild Nerd Yonder / Julie Halpern...
Review - Hollywood Ending / Kathy Charles *
Review - Little Bird / Penni Russon *
Review - Outside In / Chrissie Keighery *
Review - Once A Witch / Carolyn MacCullough
Review - The Poison Throne / Celine Kiernan
Review - The Ask and the Answer / Patrick Ness
Review - The Knife of Never Letting Go / Patrick N...
Review - Blood Promise / Richelle Mead
Review - The Eternal Kiss / Ed. Trish Telep
Review - Beatle Meets Destiny / Gabrielle Williams... *
Review - The Agency: A Spy in the House / YS Lee
(* Australian and available for purchase)

Reader's Snapshot - Lisa Ann Sandell
Interview - Michelle Zink
Reader's Snapshot - Michelle Zink

Reader's Snapshot - Lisa Mantchev
Interview: Lisa Mantchev (Eyes Like Stars)
Reader's Snapshot - Kirsty Murray
Interview - Kirsty Murray
Eyes Like Stars Faeries Interview Adele
Interview: Richelle Mead (Blood Promise)

The Big Project:
A Guide to YA Blogging

Lovely discoveries:
West Wing - Seasons 1-5
Mad Men - Season 2
(No wonder very little got achieved.)

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