Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Reader's Snapshot - Lisa Ann Sandell

As many of you might be aware, I discovered Lisa Ann Sandell's Song of the Sparrow through Scholastic Book Club earlier this year. Published a few years back and written in free verse, this book is a rich exploration of the legend of Elaine of Ascolat, which was famously recreated by Anne of Green Gables by floating down a river in a boat. I loved this book enormously, so much I gave it a rapturous review and a rare unicorn rating (5/5). I am very lucky and inordinately pleased to have the author join me this week as a highlighted guest.

Now time for the not-so-patented Persnickety Snark reader's snapshot questions.

Which book is memorable from your teen years?
Well, I read this prior to my teen years, but A WRINKLE IN TIME is the book from my childhood/adolescence that stays with me the most; I have reread it often, as a teen and as an adult. I loved it and the first time I read it was the moment I figured out that things might be okay someday.

Describe your high school English teacher in three words...
Passionate, dedicated, fun

Your book of the moment?
Lyonesse: The Well Between the Worlds, which is an upper middle grade novel that I edited and with which I am wholly in love

What do you use to mark your page when reading?
I have a big collection of book marks. Some old leather ones that my grandmother gave me, a fabric one that I love because one side is corduroy and one side is silk that a friend made, a metal Dr. Seuss plate that I got a children's books event, and sometimes I just shove post-it notes in between the pages.

Favourite place to read?
On a bench in Riverside Park on the Upper West Side of New York City, overlooking the Hudson River

Favourite word?

Favourite book store?
Elliot Bay Book Co., in Seattle, Washington

Character you wish you had created?
King Arthur

Please come back later in the week to read Lisa's thoughts on writing Song of the Sparrow, her characters and the tasty qualities of Richard Gere.


Aubrey said...

How fun! I will definitely be back. Song of the Sparrow is such a great read! I loved it from cover to cover! Thanks so much Adelle and Lisa!

Angiegirl said...

I loved SONG OF THE SPARROW so much. I love all things Arthur and this one was such a beautiful, fresh retelling. Thanks for the interview!