Sunday, 6 November 2016

YA romance, NA and LoveOzYA on BookThingo podcast

Way back in April I was able to visit the 2016 Romantic Times Booklovers Convention to observe young adult programming alongside romance. Lucky for me there were a host of Australian romance readers that I knew in attendance who made the week indefinitely more fun. Two of these people, Kat  (hostess with the most-est)and Rudi (producer extraordinaire), are 2/3 of the BookThingo podcast.

After six days of skipping (and sometimes slogging) through RT, Kat kindly invited me to sit down and discuss two topics near and dear to my heart - young adult fiction and new adult fiction. Young adult is central to everything that I do in my day job, New Adult is something I needed to learn about and differentiate as it's become a market trend. It was recorded very late at night before I flew off to Houston for the Texas Library Association conference.

It was a fantastic opportunity to publicly discuss my thoughts on these two categories and what they mean in terms of the romance genre.

Warning - this isn't a polite conversation. NSFW.

You can listen here.

And here are my recommended New Adult authors - if you want more specific recommendations, hit me up on Twitter @snarkywench. (Titles in parenthesis are either my favourite or where to get started.)

* I don't love reading paranormal so my recommendations are very much contemporary-centric. I am also a huge sports-contemporary fan (particularly hockey - be warned).

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Luna & Saturn said...

Hi Adele,

We really like this podcast, it was really interesting to listen to. :)
We've heard you speak at the 2016 Inky Awards and Gemina Book Launch, and as always, you're as naturally friendly as ever!

We agree that we need more diversity in books; the only diversity we sort-of encountered at school was studying Oodgeroo Noonucal's poems, and we'd really like to see more of those types of works in schools.

We've never read Twilight, so we think we'll give it shot and see whether or not we agree with with your thoughts on sparkling vampires. :):):):):)

- Luna & Saturn, Pendragons!!