Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Snark & Bark

In my reading slump that recently finished, I watched copious amounts of television. This isn't anything particularly new for me, I am a dedicated television aficionado. If you're a long time reader of this blog you would have read my big Friday Night Lights push (with the help of many authors), my complaints about Glee and my love for all things Parenthood.

I decided that I wanted to share my thoughts on television but I didn't want it to take away from Persnickety Snark, or be presented here. I wanted it to be its own beast. So I started a blog and invited a whole host of other bloggers to contribute a column on a show they are passionate about. It's SNARK AND BARK.

I was overjoyed when bloggers were keen to come aboard. From twitter it is pretty obvious that we all are partial to the celluloid and so people were willing to contribute a reaction post once a week on a show they love. At this point in time we have a great community of contributors (check them out here) you would recognise. Together we are covering shows from So You Think You Can Dance, True Blood, Pretty Little Liars, Royal Pains, Mad Men, Masterchef Australia and many other programs. There is new content daily.

We are still welcoming contributors. So if there's a show you love fiercely and you're willing to contribute +200 words weekly on said show, please contact me. Even if your show is on hiatus, contribute some rewatch posts until it comes back on the air. Regardless, it is an exciting little project that is celebrating community and our interest in storytelling mediums outside of books.

Television rocks my socks!


yuan said...

Hey, found your blog through Ari (Reading in Color). lol I like your idea of Snark and Bark, and as a vocarious TV viewer myself, I'm interested in contributing... I'd just like to ask if there's a certain type of TV show that's being considered? I noticed that all the titles mentioned so far are US live-action TV shows. Would blogging about non-US shows be allowed? Or animated TV shows (such as, the love of my life: Avatar - the Last Airbender)? Just asking so I know what kind of posts I can potentially offer to your new blog.

MissA said...

I love the idea of Snark and Bark! Thanks to your blog I started watching Parenthood and it's really good. I like Gossip Girl (silly but addicting) but I prefer teens I can relate to (not ridiculously rich and good looking). Friday Night Lights and Glee rocks my socks! Although I'm ticked at Matt right now... I like Vance.

Anyhoo, I gave you an award