Thursday, 24 June 2010

Husband has Green sense of humour

I always love a good YA related joke and my friend Shabbygeek certainly delivered. Today she tweeted the photo (below) she had received from her husband with the caption 'cheating on you?'. It cracked me up - John Green should be dropped into 'you had to be there' jokes ALL THE TIME.

Here's Shabby's explanation -
So Hubs (or known as Pretty Boy to Adele, pictured right) is on a trip out of town this week, and he's been texting me a few pictures each day to show me all the Places I'd Rather Be Than At Work. He's sent me pictures and video of the beach, an aquarium, a restaurant, and even a pic of himself wearing a goofy hat in a store. While I've smiled at each and every one of them, this one made me nearly choke on my dinner:


Hubs won't step foot in a library or bookstore (unless he's shopping for me/I'm dragging him in), so the very fact that he did this by own free will and picked out a book he knew I loved, made my heart smile really big. Totally made my day.

Much better than my John dream anyday.


Carla said...

That is just so cute and immensely funny!! I love the thoughtfulness on his face. I love jokes where people are all "you had to be there" because the looks people give you when you fins something so hysterical and they just look at you like your an escaped crazy makes me laugh even more!!

志易 said...


Angiegirl said...

That is so great! My husband does stuff like that all the time and it never fails to make my day. Love that yours did it even when he doesn't normally frequent bookstores. :)