Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Review - Hostage / Karen Tayleur

Summary - What if you could have your life over again.
Would it be different?

Tully becomes a hostage when she is abducted from a chemist on Christmas Eve. Her ordeal lasts 24 hours.

Or so she says...

Review - Zip zapping its way through time, Karen Tayleur has written a story that intriguingly follows Tully's past and present as she's recollecting the events of her abduction and life. What you might expect to be a dark, foreboding book instead becomes a tale of retracing one's roots and sorting through the disjointed fragments of her past.

The sum of its character driven parts equal one great ride. The protagonist is incredibly real if only because of her flaws. I particularly loved the interrogation scenes in which Tully must endure both the investigating cop and her crotchety aunt. Her voice is strong, her perspective both jaded and incomplete but the journey is life changing.
While I love the idea of multiple time lines (I am a Lost freak), this could be confusing for some readers. That being said, it really adds to the effectiveness of Tully's character and the elements of her life. Tully has a partner is this adventure and I do wish there had been increased clarity in his motives, not for the kidnapping but everything that happened afterward.

A compelling and well-written tale of dubious teens, home truths and getting the answers you seek.

Published: October 2009
Format: Paperback, 191 pages
Publisher: black dog books
Source of Review Copy: publisher, ms form
Origin: Australia
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H said...

This sounds really interesting. I might investigate!

The Book Owl said...

Good review. I'm a Lost freak as well, so I'll have to check this out.