Wednesday, 28 October 2009

FNL Week - Elizabeth Scott

I have always imagine that Elizabeth Scott (Something Maybe, Love You Miss You Hate You) chortles...maybe chuckles and that's largely in part to the photo on left. She screams joy and laughter to me and having had the pleasure of emailing with her on the odd occasion, I know that I was right on the money (but still waiting on that chortle theory). Elizabeth is a big FNL fan too and shares her reasons for loving it so dearly...

I confess to watching a lot of television but there are very few shows I feel I *must* watch. Friday Night Lights is one of them. It's had me hooked since the first season, and I'm thrilled the show is coming back for its fourth (thank you DirectTV and NBC!)

If you're wondering why I'm so addicted to a show about high school football, all I have to say is this: check out the first season. Watch the first episode--I guarantee it won't be your last, and that before you know it, you'll be as big a fan as I am!

Thanks Elizabeth for having exemplary taste in reading and in your own writing!

Here's a fanmade trailer for the pilot...sure it looks like it's all football but if you've learnt anything this week you'd know that isn't the case.


Alix said...

Friday Night Lights is so good it makes me want to watch American football. Of course after the third stop of play in three minutes I realize why it bores me to death! Proper football is so much better :) FNL is never boring though. I love it and am love hearing all my favourite authors thoughts on it.

Anonymous said...

Hubs and I were hooked in the first episode, but one of my friends who loves that show like no other said it took her 3 episodes, which I think is fair. And that trailer sure does make it look like it's all about football! =)