Saturday, 12 September 2009

International YA Blogger Celebration: Rhiannon from Australia

Now for one of my hometown (not really but we're in the same country) girls...the delightfully dystopian mad, Rhiannon.Name: Rhiannon Hart
Country: Melbourne, Australia
Blog: Rhiannon Hart

Your favourite YA title: My all-time fave would have to be Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause. Such a luscious, sexy, thrilling paranormal tale.
Favourite New Find: The Chaos Walking books by Patrick Ness. Abso-effing-lutely gripping.
Bookstore of choice: Readers Feast--it's the only bookstore in Melbs with space to breath AND isn't painted red or full of cut-price cookbooks. Great YA selection.
Author blog you are most likely to be found stalking: Amanda Ashby--she's the author of The Zombie Queen of Newbury High and has been so helpful and effusive about her road to publication--I'm a wannabe writer myself and she's given me such fantastic advice/commiseration/support, which I'm so grateful for! She's such a cool lady and has an awesome blog.

Book Blogging from Australia
Best thing about being from Melbourne:
... is the nightlife, the culture and the food!

What is the state of YA literature in your country?:
Weighted towards realism. Teens (and myself!) just love the speculative stuff but there isn't a lot being published by Australian writers at Australian publishing houses. But we do have a thriving writerly and readerly community and I'm grateful for that.

How accessible are international YA titles in your country?:
Very. We have fantastic libraries and fantastic bookshops--nothing to complain about there.

Authors that you would recommend?:
Home-grown stuff like John Marsden (especially the Tomorrow series) and Isobelle Carmody (the Obernewtyn Chronicles).

Most popular author in your country?:
Probably John Marsden.

Best thing about YA blogging:
The people! Everyone is so friendly and enthusiastic.

YA blogs that you would recommend from Australia?:
This one of course! And Terra on the Bookshelf, My Fluttering Heart, Hey! Teenager of the Year and The Magic Thingamajig.

Thanks sure to be back tomorrow to meet Silvia from Spain.


Rebs @ Book-Rants said...

*high five* I love Annette Curtis Klause!

Thao said...

Thanks for the recommendations on the Aus YA blogs ^^

Cat said...

Great to learn more about Rhiannon! I love reading her blog!

Tarie Sabido said...

Rhiannon is such a beautiful name. :o) I can't wait to get my hands on some Australian YA novels!