Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Where to buy Australian YA online?

You've seen a novel from an Australian author that's not available in your hometown...where do you get your hands on it?

Here's a list of online bookstores that might be able to help you out:
Angus & Robertson
Australian Online Bookshop
Book Caffe
Australia's ...QBD The Bookshop
Boomerang Books
Cokahama Books
Emporium Books 
Leading Edge Books
Pages and Pages Booksellers


Kathryn White said...

A very useful list.

Steph Su said...

This is great, thank you! Now all I need from you is a list of the Aussie books that you'd most recommend, so I can start buying them... :)

Australian Online Bookshop said...

We also have a large range of YA fiction books, all at discounted prices. Stephenie Meyer, Claudia Gray, Keri Arthur, Cecily von Ziegesar, Adam Blade etc. There are so many great YA authors delivering a huge range of really good teen fiction these days. Happy reading. (love the blog Adele).

H said...

I clicked on this link just to find out what Ozya was. Of course it makes sense now, but just for a moment I thought ozya was a cool new word I hadn't heard of. Which it should be!

Lauren said...

Thanks for posting this, I'm sure it'll come in very useful for me.

Michelle Zink said...

This is a great list! You've spoken so highly of so many Australian YA authors that I'm excited to expand my horizons by trying them out. Now I know where to get them!

Holly said...

I think I can add to this. There is a website called LibraryLink that is very useful. You can get any book from Victorian libraries sent to your local library for just a dollar.

Meghan said...

This is a great list. I've been looking for an Australian bookstore that shipped to the US. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for the list, because I really didn't want to have to wait until next year to read The Piper's Son.
I just finished Finnikin of the Rock, AMAZING. And have read all her other books, so I have been awaiting this one since I knew it was coming out.
I agree though that I'd like a list of Aussie authors/books you'd recommend so that I can put this list to use.