Saturday, 13 June 2009

Pacey Crushing

Yesterday I posted a graph about the concerning characteristics of Edward Cullen. Now this isn’t a Twilight post so rest easy. I had to include a disclaimer with the graph post because one of my favourite scenes in Dawson’s Creek was one where Pacey watched Joey sleep. Why is this important? Well for many teens, Edward Cullen/Rob Pattinson is their dream come true. When I was a teen (and today even), Josh Jackson/Pacey Witter was my dream come true.

In fact, I have been infatuated with the man since I was eight years old. He was a much older man at 12 and played Charlie in the Disney ice hockey movie The Mighty Ducks. That means that I have been crushing on him for twenty years - and the adoration has not dimmed.

Those of you too young to appreciate the wonder that is Josh Jackson might require a list of attributes:
• Beautiful low, sometimes gravelly voice
• Cheeky as all heck
• Tall and built
• Beautiful, mischievous smile
• Infectious laugh
• Intelligent
• Courteous
• Sensitive
• Toe curling loveliness

But this list doesn’t give much of a picture to the awesomeness that is this man. Six years after Dawson’s Creek went off the air, I still lovingly refer to him as Pacey. (Sidenote - I host a Fringe podcast - Fringe Dwellers - and I always slip up and call him Pace.)

There are three reasons for Pacey Awesomeness:
1. The Wall - in declaring his love for Joey Potter, Pacey rented her a wall for her dismal art work. He rented her a wall! Luckily she never tormented the population of Capeside with her artistic endeavour but it did come in useful in their continuing relationship problem...Douchey Dawson.

2. Sleeping - it’s a beautiful scene. It’s not like Twilight at all because a) this aired in ’98 b) it wasn’t Joey’s bedroom, she feel asleep in a B&B, c) he didn’t have to break and enter to have her in his eye line. It was the first time that it was acknowledged that Pacey loved her and it was completely non-verbal. It’s a scene that still slays me ...every time.

3. The Bracelet - Douchey Dawson forces Joey to got to the Anti-Prom with him and gives the stink eye to Pacey the entire night. There is one dance that Joey/Pacey get to have together and he notes that the earrings (that Douchey D gave her) aren’t “her”, that the bracelet she is wearing (her deceased mother’s) is “her”. You see this moment is great because she realises that he remembers everything she tells him. The scene is scorching.
Other Goodies:
  • When he picked her up from Boston after her date with that guy fell through because he had a "soulmate", this proceeded their first kiss.
  • He cooks.
  • He taught her to drive.
  • He sails.
  • He's not judgemental.
  • He went to dancing lessons with her.
  • He makes pithy, petty and pissy attractive.
(There aren't youtube clips for all the moments but here are someone's top 20 Pacey/Joey scenes)

Also...the boy managed to look good in a Caesar haircut and with bad facial hair. He’s gifted. Let’s see Rob Pattinson do that!

Share your Pacey’s moments - why is Josh Jackson an actor that encourages such devotion? Youtube links are welcome - I have a weekend open for Pacey sighing :)


FlossAus said...

Okay this Josh recently, but Lordy be, he's still got it!

And when he speaks of Diane, oh sigh the man is delicious!

Rae said...

The Wall is why I love Pacey. It's why I knew the writers could never try and convince me that Dawson was truly her soulmate. I think Dawson is her best friend but Pacey is the man who loves her. He's the one that sees what she needs and pays attention to what's important to her. That's why I also love the bracelet scene. Or even the scene between the two of them in the kitchen after Jen's funeral in the finale.

These are probably my favorite Pacey/Joey videos: (sadly the last three there are unavailable)

Busy Bookblogger said...

When I was in high school Pacey set the (unattainable)standard for boyfriends everywhere! Plus, no offense Edward, but he does have that whole "human" thing going for him.

While I always wanted Pace and Joey to end up together, what impressed me the most was when Pacey stood by Andi. Most guys would have gotten scared off and dumped that crazy chick like a bad habit, but he was there for her through all of her issues...ah, swoon...

prophecygirl said...

I LOVE Pacey/Josh Jackson. He made Dawson's so amazing. Great post!

Penni Russon said...

My love for Pacey crept up on me, while I still thought I hated the whole show and everything it stood for.

Korianne said...

I was quite young when Dawson's Creek premiered. 9 or 10 I think, but I came in at the tale end and I loved it. Probably around 2001 or so. Pacey was always my favorite character. I wanted to be Joey Potter just so I could find my Pacey Witter. You are totally right at saying Dawson was a douche. He was a good friend, but nothing more and the way he treated Pacey was just immature. I have been know to give the occasional swoon to Edward, but Pacey will always hold my fictional heart! I am glad to hear I have a fellow Pacey lover in the blogosphere!

Genevieve said...

I totally watched Dawson's Creek in '98 when I was nine years old. But then I somehow missed a few seasons and came back to watching it in 2001ish and I remember being so hooked to Dawson's Creek, Gilmore Girls, and Everwood all at the same time. I think that I'm going to go and Netflix Dawson's Creek now because this Pacey filled post made me want to watch it over again.

Melissa Walker said...

I was JUST discussing my Pacey infatuation at a party last night, and no one understood me! My friend from high school loved him so much that she dated a guy who had a sailboat, just to fulfill her Pacey needs. Sigh.