Saturday, 31 January 2009

My John Green Dream

I admit to having a literary crush on John Green.

He's a talented writer and he's a total, unabashed geek. He's perfect.

But last night I had a dream that could tarnish my admiration for the man. I know it wasn't real but still...

Last night I dreamed that John Green swung by this blog and commented about it on his own.

Awesome huh? Not so much.

Turns out my inability to detect typos came into play. Dream John read one of my posts and quoted it on his blog to ridicule my poor grammar. Dream John humiliated me...and my poor typing ability. (Dream analysis might say that my role as a teacher, my marking of my students and my admiration for the real JG manifested itself in me taking the student role and JG the teacher. Or I might be mental. You choose.)

Sigh. Dream John, I thought you were better than that!

EDIT - I was mortified and thrilled that John actually found this blog entry and chose to leave a comment. I like Real John a lot better lol.

I saw this over at Read Alert and I had to post it. Look out John, I plan to meet you when you are in Melbourne for the Reading Matters conference in May!


Unknown said...

Aww poor Adele! Maybe now the total opposite will happen and he'll swing by and tell you that at no time in a million years would he ever do such a thing.

Just Listen said...

Oh, I love John. I'm sure he wouldn't do that to a nerd fighter though. :D

Anonymous said...

The good thing is, even when John Green mocks he does it politely. He is the most POLITE PERSON I believe I have ever met. Except for Bill Clinton, whom I met in sixth grade, he the is the expert at polite. Sorry John Green! You do not beat Bill Clinton (but you still have my heart). Always judge your Dream John by those standards!

(I still think for a first podcast it was a good show! Don't beat up on yourself too much.)

Misrule said...

I've only recently come across your blog, Adele--don't know why it's taken me so long! You might like to swing by my blog sometime. Cheers!


Steph said...

Don't think JG would ever do that, though!

Also: everyone knows I'm his biggest fangirl :P


John Green said...

At no time in a million years would I ever do such a thing! (My grammar-and-spelling house is made of too much glass for me to be throwing stones.)

Glad I could popped up in your dreamscape. Next time, I'll try to be nicer! -John

Adele said...

Consider me mortified.

I think I may hide from John at the conference now, not that I will think it'll be all that hard!

However, he did come to my blog and Real John didn't mock me - my crush can continue!

Unknown said...

hahaha oh wow this is great, it's good to know john green isn't a meanie in real life

silverush said...

Wait. So did you meet him? Because I'm going to be sooo jealous if you have. (I have a crush on him too. <3 )