Tuesday 5 February 2013

Vampire Academy casting


Author Richelle Mead tells us over and over again that Rose is bountiful in assets.  And by "assets" you know very well what I mean.

Or how the official graphic novel presents them....
Source: Shadowkissed.net
See them?  There's boobs (kind of a given) but more importantly Rose is described as having a caboose on her.  Rose has thighs, and a butt, and can kick your arse.

And then they hired this girl - Zoey Deutch
Source: Tumblr
I won't pretend to be surprised.  She's pretty (so is Rose), a brunette (as is Rose) and I am sure she can act but she isn't strong and she's not curvy.

As I said on Twitter, the only thing bountiful about her is her hair.

Rose is supposed to be powerfully built and also womanly.  This girl...looks like a girl.

I had hope.

It's gone.

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