Wednesday 11 January 2012

YA is the great educator

Yesterday I wasted time by posting songs that could  never (but let's pretend they could) cover the main learning areas of a curriculum.

Today I am raising the using YA titles.  I've made it harder for myself by choosing titles I've reviewed and linking them (click on subject).

YA Curriculum

Literature with Professor Nelson

Mathematics (Probability) with Professor Collins

Science (Chemistry) with Professor Kuehnert

(Arthurian) History with Professor Sandell
The Arts with Professor Crowley
Languages with Professor Perkins

Heath and PE with Professor Murdock
Music with Professor Benway

Sex Ed with Professor Blume

Driver's Ed with Professor Dessen

How's your YA curriculum looking?


Tez Miller said...

Amy Kathleen Ryan's GLOW taught me physics. I even think it was astrophysics! :-)

Steph Su said...

Robin Brande's FAT CAT taught me biology and human health. Hahaha. I do enjoy your picks though. The good 'uns. :)

greenspace said...

Sarah N Harvey's THE LIT REPORT covers pregnancy, birth and baby-care very thoroughly.

Anonymous said...

If I could hug this and your previous post, I would.

Cass said...

Brilliant post! I love this idea. For my curriculum though, Professor Kelly (HARMONIC FEEDBACK & AMPLIFIED) would be directing the lessons.