Thursday 23 April 2009


Hey, Teenager of the Year has decided to hold the first inaugural People's Choice YA Book Blog Awards (YABBA). The purpose of this is the share the love and recognise exemplary effort. We all put enormous time into reading, reviewing, interviewing, emailing, commenting and communicating, maybe it's time for some recognising (okay that didn't really work.)

Nominations are now open until the end of April.

The categories:
Best Interviewer: That blogger who asks authors all the tough questions.

Best Reviewer: Whose reviews are almost better than the books?

Best Newcomer: A new, fabulous YA book blogger (Six months blogging or less).

The Golden Book Blog Award: This award is for the long-time blogger who deserves recognition for their commitment to making a star blog. The blogs that inspired you to start book blogging, the pioneers of YA book blog land. They know who they are.

Rules: You can nominate for one category, or you can nominate for all four. You cannot nominate more than four times, and you can’t nominate yourself. You can nominate someone who has already been nominated, though.

Nominate in comments section or email Steph.

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Kate said...

Sorry this isn't really related to the post. I just wondered if you knew you had been quoted in this post.