Saturday, 21 February 2009

Paper Towns, John Green and the Great YA Blogosphere Bonanza

I don't know if Jocelyn from Teen Book Reviews and Liv from Liv's Book Reviews are aware of this but it definitely made me stop mid action. I was cracking open the beautiful pages of Paper Towns (Australian edition) when something caught my eye.

To set this up, I NEVER read the review quotes in the front page of novels but I spotted 'Teen Book Reviews' as I was flipping through the pages. I immediately thought of Jocelyn because a) She inspires us all as the grandmommy of YA blogging (and she hasn't even graduated yet) 2) she's a pretty darned awesome person 3) she writes great reviews and 4) I wish I'd been like her when I was that age! An excerpt from her Paper Towns review was on the page. As I looked down I realised that Liv's was too. So excited am I, that I am posting this instead of reading the first chapter!

I don't know if publishers need permission to do this, so this could be a surprise or run of the mill. Either way, it made John Green's Paper Towns even cooler, road map tattooed arm or not.

I tried to take a photo but it was too blurry to be effective. These are the quotes used though -

Paper Towns is a smart, thoughtful, funny, and hopeful novel that really epitomizes John Green’s brilliance. It has razor-sharp wit, fantastic writing, originality in spades, truth ... do everything in your power to get a copy immediately.

Teen Book Review, to your local bookstore and pick up a copy. It's a must.
Liv's Book Reviews


Alea said...

OMG! How cool!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

That is so awesome!! I don't think they need permission though, so this is great you are making them aware. :)


prophecygirl said...

That is amazing!

jocelyn said...

Definitely a surprise, and completely awesome!! Wow. Thanks for letting me know :-)

Liv said...

oh my GOSH! no way! aaaah!!!!
Thanks sooo much for pointing this out. I definitely need to get a copy. ASAP. :D

YA Book Realm said...

OMG that's amazing! especially, because it's both of their favorite author. Wow, that's awesome.

H said...

That's so cool! What a fun surprise for them.

Misrule said...

Publishers are not required too, and as far as I know, rarely if ever, seek permission to quote published reviews on subsequent editions of books. I've been (pleasantly) surprised to see my own reviews quoted from time to time.