Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Guest Blog: Melina Marchetta

Melina Marchetta is someone I have admired for (what sometimes feels like) forever. She's had an incredible fortnight and this is her blog on the Printz Medal (Jellicoe Road), The Aurealis Award (Finnkin of the Rock) and her grand plans for the White House.

Sunday 1 February, 2009

An unpackaging of all the strange wonderful surreal and unsettling things that happened to me in this less-than-ordinary-week in dot point:

  • An Aurealis Award for Finnikin of the Rock on Saturday night in the YA long fiction category from the Australian fantasy community (who I was secretly frightened of when Finnikin was released)·
  • An overseas phone call at 8am on Monday morning from the Printz committee telling me I won the Printz Medal for Jellicoe.
  • A copious amount of congratulations and well wishes from the gracious wonderful sublimely talented YA writing community, both here and in the US.
  • One ticket to Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova from the film Once performing at the Opera House.
  • One ticket to see Leonard Cohen, who has made me re-think my view of a 76 year old man as possible romantic interest, based on the fact that I’ve never seen anything as sexy as him on one knee crooning into the microphone cupped in his hand.
  • Eight glasses of champagne since Saturday night.
  • Close to 40 degree days all week and a strong desire to move to the northern hemisphere.
  • Discussing my name being mentioned in the Washington Post and hypothesising with a friend the chance of the President of the USA flicking through the paper, seeing my name, liking the sound of it and inviting me to the White House to read to his daughters. (refer to dot point about champagne)
  • Half an itinerary worked out for Bologna in March.
  • Two bunches of beautiful flowers that have frightened the dog (King Charles Cavalier. Very gorgeous. Very very dumb.)
  • A handful of blogs insinuating Melina Who? Jellicoe What?
  • A handful of blogs shouting out Australian pride.
  • A second draft completed of The Piper’s Son.
  • A letter from a 15 year old in Columbus, Ohio telling me how she felt about Jellicoe.
  • Another from an Alibrandi fan telling me he doesn’t understand his wife.
    • Melina Marchetta
      I consider myself very lucky to have had Melina guest blog for me this week. Congratulations to her for all her success, she clearly deserves all the acknowledgment she is receiving! Those who don't know of Melina, Jellicoe or any of her other works are poorer because of it. I am very much looking forward to revisiting Tom (Saving Francesca) in The Piper's Son.

      Big thanks from a long time reader!


      Steph said...

      Haha 70-year-old love interest :P I like that.

      You know, I always saw a lot of people saying the 'Melina who Jellicoe what' thing, and for some odd reason I feel sorry for them. It's like they're not enlightened :P

      I loved the format of this - never seen a guest post quite like that before!


      Adele said...

      That's all Melina and her love of dot points. (I have no proof of this love but I love it too.)

      The Once comment was what struck me. I love the Once soundtrack. I was only speaking to Gayle Forman (If I Stay) over the weekend and she used 'Falling Slowly' as her main inspiration for that novel. You can feel it too!

      LisaMay said...

      What a truly awesome post :)

      Just Listen said...

      Awesome, awesome guest blog! Especially love the one about the white house. Made me laugh. :)

      Ana said...

      This is so great. I am always dying to hear any of her thoughts. The Piper's Son!!!! Can't wait.


      Anonymous said...

      Hope it makes up for being overlooked here in Oz. Not even a Notable in the CBCA Awards. Go, Melina. You rock.

      Kerry said...

      I was given Finnikin of the Rock for Christmas (although I admit I haven't had time to read it yet) and Melina is not on my radar. So I read this with delight. Congratulations!

      Shooting Stars Mag said...

      I need to read her work. I've wanted too for a little while now and I SWEAR I will, especially Jellicoe Road. Congrats on everything that has happened to her though! That's so great.


      Noël De Vries said...

      Huzzah, Melina!

      Huzzah, Piper's Son!

      Anonymous said...

      I loved Jellicoe Road. Great guest blog. I'm going to have to bribe my friend in Melbourne to send me a copy of Finnikin.

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