Sunday, 19 June 2016

Introducing Unladylike, a podcast on women and writing

A little while back I posted about a new project I was working on - a podcast, Unladylike. This podcast would capture conversations with women on writing.

Today is launch day!

Unladylike is hitting the internet with five episodes and many more to come.

  1. On story: Vivian Gornick and Sian Prior, both journalists and memoir writers, in conversation about memory, imagination and language. 
  2.  On friendship: Australian YA writers Fiona Wood, Simmone Howell and Cath Crowley talk about portraying friendship in writing for young adults, and their own collaborations. 
  3. On editing:  Historian Clare Wright and editor Mandy Brett on the process of creating an award-winning bestseller. 
  4. On romance:  Tessa Dare on romance fiction as a feminist genre, and why readers are in love with love. 
  5. On swearing:  Novelist Toni Jordan and playwright Patricia Cornelius on the power of purple language.
You can find out more here, or listen on Audioboom and iTunes.


Unknown said...

nice list :)
by the way, you know that most critiques feel struggles while writing book reviews or critiques, and if you want to feel free while writing book critique dont read other reviews or you will in the trap of someone else thoughts

Unknown said...

Love your ever increasing wisdom you give so generously here and that you are so welcoming and helpful-genuinely helpful! My question is: I’m in the beginning stages of blogdom. I have paid my blue host and have installed wordpress. I would like to blog for a living but have read that I should have a self-hosted site instead of a site. Mine currently is a .com. Do you happen to have a post on switching it from .com to .org?

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