Saturday, 15 August 2015

Something new, different and full of romance

I am super excited to share that Danielle Binks and I will be the Australian Romance Readers Convention (ARRC) co-coordinators for 2017. Needless to say we're really excited so a big thank you is directed to the Australian Romance Readers Association executive committee for this opportunity.

The convention is returning to Melbourne for the first time since the inaugural event and we will have the pleasure of wrangling it all together.

There are so many reasons I am unbelievably excited for this opportunity -

  • Danielle and I read each other's blogs before we became real life friends. And now, we're planning a reading event together! We're proof that reading brings people together.
  • The Australian romance community are passionate, well read and a super invested group of readers. Creating an event and curating a program around romance will be a new (but thrilling) challenge.
  • Romance. Nuff said.
  • My day job is programming for teens and youth literature enthusiasts in the area of young adult fiction. Taking this skill set and using it in a different context is terrifically exciting.
  • Ideas...we have them. And we want to hear yours too!
  • Connecting readers and writers in fun and interesting ways is one of my favourite parts of the day job. Now I get to do it in my free time too.
We are looking for Melbourne based individuals to join the Organising Committee. We have a number of positions to fill and we would love you to bring your skills and enthusiasm to the table. This event cannot take place without the collective effort of many, and we're excited to meet you! There will be an announcement about this is the near future but in the meantime why not consider becoming a member of the ARRA?

(Edit: To clarify, I am not leaving the Centre for Youth Literature. The ARRC coordinator role is a volunteer position.)

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