Monday, 3 February 2014

Dear Brigid Kemmerer (Storm)

**I found this post in my draft folder from well over two year ago. I thought why not use it?

Since I am a huge fan of the Dear Author website I thought I would take a leaf out of their book...if only for a paragraph or two.

Dear Brigid

When I was handed Storm I was understandably reluctant.  You see, I have been inundated with paranormal YA for a few too many years and I was preferred to concentrate on genres that didn't hit me over the head when I walked into bookstores.  But some well chosen words convinced me to push my reservations aside and have a go.  But then Storm waited, unread, on my bedside table.  And then the weather in Melbourne turned blustery and blue and I decided this was a sign.

Time to read.

In some ways you have written the familiar.  There's a triangley-triangle.  Hot boys that are described in many ways as so attractive as to be unbelievable.  There's powers, and shadowy agendas, and lust.  But you've also  tackled the dynamics of four brothers - the squabbles, the understanding, the propensity to hit one another and the love.  They are distinct boys, not just in their alleles, but in their personalities and temperaments.  The relationships between them are complex, ever changing and ever flowing.

Of course, what really got me was that your protagonist is proactive.  She is emphatic and bad things happen to her (it's a paranormal after all) BUT she possesses strong self-esteem despite her unfortunate present circumstances.  She's depicted as having  strong, sound inner core without ever resorting to hand waving 'hey, look, I'm nothing like Bella'.  Becca's never naive, just believes the best in people - and weirdly, I didn't find that annoying.

Sure I may have guessed exactly how everything would go down but I had a rollicking time as the plot churned along.  Whether through Becca or Chris' eyes, I was involved and wanted to know what was going to happen next.  The humour

And of course, I could see this being the next CW television show or movie showcasing the steel jaws and scultpted abs of some very impressive looking guys.

But unlike many series, Becca will never wonder why a boy likes her, only if he likes her.


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