Saturday, 11 August 2012

Bassetts, books & pics

For the past two weeks I have been house sitting .... and I fell in love.

He's a heavy breather, has drool issues and is hard to read.

He's also adorable.

Not so adorable - the snot spray.

I live alone so it was really fun to have some excited to see me every night...if only for food :)   I loved it so much that I am contemplating moving to a place with a yard so I can buy a dog.  I found myself somewhat obsessive - which most people on my twitter feed would recognise.

We said goodbye today.  I couldn't really tell if he was sad as he was too invested in the doggy treat on offer.


Also, I was interviewed by a new online magazine, TENANT, on my place, my suburb and things about me in general.  Ella was lovely and we ended up having a real fun chat.



Right now I am neck deep in Melbourne Writers' Festival preparation.  I am chairing a number of panels (as discussed in this post) and that means there's a number of books to read (or re-read in some cases).


Pictures out and about:

At a recent school day a student asked if I wanted to see his treasure :)


Genkoo penguin at the Melbourne Aquarium.

The Yarra