Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Overlooked - Love You Hate You Miss You

I am disappointed.

I don't know Elizabeth Scott all that well. We've traded emails when we've scheduled interviews or I've been fortunate enough to win one of her competitions.

But I feel like I know her. Her author photo endeared her to me. Her blog makes me a more knowledgeable participant in the YA-world. Her vlogs make me feel like I've had a conversation with her. It's completely superficial but her books make me feel like I know her as a friend. None of this is fact, it's all feeling.

But Elizabeth Scott makes me feel good just knowing she's out there (and on the shelves.)

And bad.

She's like a writing machine...or it seems like that. By the end of this year she will have had eight titles published inside of four years. Really quite impressive when you think of it. She's often compared to Sarah Dessen, who is more widely recognised, and I don't believe it does Scott that much justice.

Yes, Scott writes lovely little contemporary romance driven YA like Bloom, Something, Maybe, The Unwritten Rule or Perfect You. But she's more than that. Living Dead Girl and the upcoming Grace are indications of that - she's not afraid to tackle raw, challenging and frankly troubling subject matter.

But I am not going to speak about any of those titles. Though I am very curious to read Grace which comes out later this year.

I want to talk about Love You Hate You Miss You that was published last year (as is out in paperback now). Released only two months after Something, Maybe it didn't make the splash that it deserved in the YA blogosphere or in the general reading community. I figure the combination of close release dates might have impacted the attention that was swung in this books direction - though I am positive not one Scott-fan had a problem with two titles appearing in such a small time frame. Love You Hate You Miss You is my favourite Scott novel and it seemingly melted away into the ether. I have no facts or figures to back this up, only my feelings.

It disappointed me greatly.

Scott isn't afraid to try new things. She reminds me of Melina Marchetta in the way she challenges herself to flit from genre to genre, tone to tone, and doing all with great success. Even better (with the exception to Living Dead Girl) they all incorporate humour in a way that remains true to the protagonist, the reader and the teen experience.

I am not going to go on and on about Love You Hate You Miss You. I could relate it somewhat to Courtney Summers work but that wouldn't be fair to either of them - comparisons only get a reader so far. We've seen many a mean girl in YA of late but the experience of LYHYMY's mean girl is unique. The parental situation alone in this book is startlingly different. They make an impact immediately. There's the extremely realistic teen boy who speaks very know, like every guy you've known at school? And yet, Scott managed to make a relationship develop authentically without springing a personality shift on the kid. The protagonist is also a red head, that's something I can get behind :) More than anything it depicts teens as fallible creatures that make mistakes time and time again. It's cynical and raw and brittle - it was my kind of read. You can read my review here for more of my thoughts but I hope I have intrigued you enough as it is.

Love You Hate You Miss You made my top ten reads of 2009. At the time I called it:
Elizabeth Scott is fantastic at the warm, amusing romantic reads but LYHYMY has bite. Amy is a brittle and hurt young woman who's best friend died tragically. It's in working through her grief, guilt and anger that she is able to grow. One of the most interesting depictions of parents in recent years.

So I ask...have you read Love You Hate You Miss You?

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Ynysawdre Elderly Residents Association said...

Brilliant post, thanks. No, I haven't read it but really want to now :)

Megan Burke said...

brilliant post.

i loved living dead girl. was amazing! will have to pick this up:)

Trish said...

I'm a bit Elizabeth Scott biased, but I agree. LYHYMY was a bit lost in the shuffle and is a gem.

(The only one of her books I haven't read is Living Dead Girl because the subject disturbs me too much. I have no doubt it's well-written and because of that, can't bring myself to read it.)

Nomes said...

Elizabeth Scott is one of my fave authors of all time (in YA and Adult Fiction). I will buy all her work without even needing a blurb b/c I am always impressed and I love sinking into her unique worlds.

I am so hoping she'll be represented in the top 100 (hopefully with more than one f her works!) The thing I love about her too - is her books are perfect for re-reading. I never tire of her characters and style and how she doesn't do cliché.

I agree LYHYMY is raw and original and I adore how she portrayed Patrick (actually all her love interests work for me, they all feel fully fleshed-out and genuine) and it was a gripping and touching read.

Great post - hopefully more people will fall in love with her books.

And, you'll never hear me complaining about how she releases books steadily :) I'm already craving the ones she hasn't written yet ;)

Anonymous said...

You were right, I did miss this one. You are also right. Now I REALLY want to read it :)

Thanks Adele!

Tye x

Robby said...

One of my favorite authors and people, and also one of my favorites of her books. She is angelic.

Stina said...

I've only read Living Dead Girl, so I was surprised to hear that Elizabeth's other books are humorouss. The Unwritten Rule is on my list of books to read, and so now is Love You Hate You Miss You. :)

BookChic said...

I loved LYHYMY and love how Elizabeth can go back and forth between light, humorous reads and more raw, emotional stories. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on it and it was definitely overlooked.

I'm excited for Grace too.

Jessica Love said...

I HAVEN'T read it. I also love Elizabeth Scott, and this is one I just haven't had a chance to read yet. I'll have to pick it up.

I Want To Read That said...

OOh I just bought this one today - really looking forward to it now:)

Carla said...

I haven't read this one, and maybe your right, because I have every other book she has published bar this one. I have read about it, but I think because its not one of the books that people talk about regularly, it just doesn't show up on my radar. I think I shall order this one right now. Thanks Adele

Brenny said...

I just finished 'The Unwritten Rule' and was thinking of grabbing 'Something, Maybe' again. I guess I'll reach for this one instead.

And I agree that her picture is like sunshine.

Rowena said...

I haven't read LYMYHY but thanks to this blog post, I will now. Great post!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I've read this one. I adore Elizabeth Scott & agree with you about LYHYMY.
The thing I've admired about Scott's work is how she switches styles so effortlessly. There are authors that I love but honestly, sometimes it feels as if they're well, not recycling material, but not exactly keeping it fresh either. Not challenging themselves. Scott never gives me this feeling.

John The Bookworm said...

So both of these were at my school's book fair....

And while I looked and thought "cool", I never bought them.

I'm going to know, though. I got some great reads there, but these sound just like my style. Plus, an author who puts out great books that fast is ALWAYS welcome in my book. ^^

Unknown said...

I haven't but I plan to! Elizabeth Scott is a wonderful writer. I've read Bloom, The Unwritten Rule and Stealing Heaven (by far my favorite)!

Anonymous said...

I love Elizabeth Scott and have read almost all of her books. Love You, Hate You, Miss You and Stealing Heaven are the two I haven't read yet. I own them, but to be honest I am trying to make them last. I am afraid that I'll go into shock once they are all read and I have nothing new to devour.

So I am waiting until the perfect night where I'm in need of a perfect Elizabeth Scott book.

shabbygeek said...

I remember picking up this book to read when you recommended it to me. I read it just after I finished Stealing Heaven. I remember sitting on my green couch and ACHING when I read this book. Good stuff.

Hannah S. said...

I have to say, until reading this, I didn't have a favorite Elizabeth Scott book.
This one was such a great read!
Oh, and by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
Love, Hannah

Alice said...

I read this when it came out! I absolutely loved it, it's one of my favorite books and it's probably one of the most simultaneously heartbreaking and hopeful novels I've ever read.

kanishk said...

Brilliant post, thanks.
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