Sunday, 24 January 2010

Vlog: What I've Read...

Excuse the sniffles...but I have some great recommendations for you!

I sniffle my way through my impressions on Jandy Nelson's The Sky is Everywhere (Penguin), Elizabeth Scott's Something, Maybe (Simon Pulse) and Jennifer Lynn Barnes' Raised by Wolves (Egmont). I also attempt Pocky's for the first time.

You can check out Elizabeth Scott's month long author residency at Readergirlz here.

Side note - My Japan adventures are being posted here should you be interested.


Miscellaneous-Mum said...

Aw, you're stil a cutie even if you're sick :). Just popped by to say thanks for the Surprise! thrill on your Japan blog. For some reason I can't get my comment to work there, so it might here :)

Take care! K x

CeeCee said...

That was a great germ ridden vlog- I'm looking forward to Raised by wolves because it's By Jennifer Lynn Barnes (not liking paranormal all that much- right now.) So can't wait for review.


Lauren said...

Seriously great vlog. It's actually brilliant to watch someone just chatting about books like that.

Also, re: Pocky. The strawberry flavour are best.

Karen Mahoney said...



Alea said...

You are so funny! The Sky is Everywhere looks like something I would like too! I'm taking a paranormal break myself, seems like a lot of people need a break from it right now!

And Pocky hehe. It doesn't have the most taste but it's fun to eat!

Daisy Whitney said...

Digi-Teach! I love my new title! And feel better, Adele! Personally, I think any food tastes better with chocolate drizzled on it!

Little Willow said...

Feel better soon!

Thanks for linking to Elizabeth Scott's post at readergirlz. She's going to be the author-in-residence for four months, from now through April. :)

I really enjoyed Something, Maybe. I can't wait to read Raised by Wolves. I'm putting The Sky is Everywhere on my to-read list now!

Are you wearing a cartouche? (I'm obsessed with Ancient Egypt.)

Melissa Walker said...

You are hilarious, Adele--love this!

And yes, STRAWBERRY Pocky!

Feel better. xoxo

Adele said...

Karen - awww thanks!

Sassy - glad my germs were entertaining.

Lauren - will try the strawbs soon.

Karen - squee back

Alea - they are supremely weird to eat, hence the varied expressions :)

Daisy - chocolate is the great food equaliser, as is cheese.

Little Willow - yeah it is, spells out my name in hieroglyphics, cool huh! A present from mum,

Melissa - glad I can make you laugh...anytime sweets

Rae said...

Adele! You need to put the Pocky in the freezer. I love mine cold. Dang, I may need to go get some now.