Monday 28 December 2009

FIVE Challenge: Author Moments

FIVE Great Author Moments

Further explanation of the FIVE Challenge here.

All but one of these FIVE are authors that I have met in the flesh. It was really hard to narrow it down as I have met some amazing people who write. The last one is vague but arguably the most important. It has been an amazing year on Persnickety Snark and I have been very fortunate for the opportunities that have been afforded me by the Australian YA community. Thank you.

James Roy is one of my favourite people to talk to. Why? He's dry, sarcastic and mischievous...he's like that boy in class that would make the teacher grimace and laugh in the same breath. He also happens to be an award winning Australian author of Town, Hunting Elephants and a number of other titles.

I had been tweeting with James for months before finally getting to met him in May at the Reading Matters conference. He was so friendly right from beginning that I felt like I'd known him forever. I got to have lunch with him, his daughter, a doll (don't ask) and a whole host of other Aussie authors last month and I had a ball.

At the end of last month I was able to attend the awards ceremony for the Inkys. While there I was able to meet a whole host of Australian authors who I have had the pleasure of reading their work, tweeting with and interviewing. I was kindly asked to go along with James and these lovely ladies for lunch (we were later joined by staff from CYL including author Lili Wilkinson). It was fantastic to have a discussion about YA in the flesh, not that online isn't fantastic. Talking about Sherman Alexie's work or how we'd imagined the teens of Australia voted, etc. It was enormous fun and I was mentally taking notes of authors I still need to read.

I really couldn't believe my luck. At the ceremony I didn't get the chance to talk to many people at length so it was great to have some extra time. I got to met the infamous Una and her delightful parents Penni and Martin . I was also able to meet Kate Constable for the first time in flesh or online. Simmone was uncertain that she'd be able to attend so to find her there was fantastic. I scampered over to her quickly and handed Courtney Summers' Some Girls Are over. We're both BIG Courtney fans so we were able to gush over her and tell the others to read her work asap.

Melina was in Adelaide, my hometown, for the Books Alive launch. She gave a reading from her contribution to the Books Alive anthology, a short story called Twelve Minutes. It's a short story that hints at the storyline of her next release, The Piper's Son. Melina was self-deprecating and witty and the audience was in the palm of her hand.

I was lucky enough to spend an hour with her previous to the appearance and it was fantastic. I wrote a post about it, you can read it here. The best thing was being able to relate to her as an English teacher, Melina was one for many years and it was fantastic to bounce ideas and experiences off of her.

I wasn't able to attend the Nerdfighters event in Melbourne due to an unfortunate plane booking but I did get to meet the man at the Reading Matters conference. We both gushed about how awesome Natalie from the Community Channel is ...on YouTube for those of you who have no idea.

John and James had an 'in conversation' panel at the conference where they spoke about whatever they wanted. Twilight talk was plentiful and oh so amusing. I asked a question...can't remember what now but James recognised me as the questioner and announced my blog to the hall. Then both men alternated saying Persnickety Snark over and over again for fun. Later when I went to get my book signed he remembered me by saying 'ahhh Persnickety Snark'. It was pretty darned cool...except that I may have mentioned my dream about him and embarrassed myself, though he had commented on the post. Still embarrassed months later.

I am choosing not to name names here as this isn't really something I want to advertise. I have been really lucky to have a group of friends that happen to be authors. I have been ill for a lot of this latter part of the year and they've been so supportive of me that I cannot conceive of how lucky I am.

These authors even before the illness were people that I loved exchanging emails with daily. While books were discussed, it's more than that. They know who they are...thank you. I love you guys. You were my strength this year.

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