Monday 26 October 2009

FNL Week - Meg Cabot

I took a chance... I dropped Meg Cabot an email, knowing that she LOVES Friday Night Lights. I asked whether she would she be interested in writing something (anything) about this show we both adore. She said yes...within a day! That's how truly awesome this woman is.

For those of you uninitiated into Cabot-freaking-goodness, Meg Cabot has written over fifty chicklit (Every Boy's Got One's my fave) and YA titles with two that have been made into movies - a little franchise called The Princess Diaries.

Take it away Meg....

Technically FNL only begins next week for people with DirecTV, which only about 18 million people in the US (out of 300 million) subscribe to, because it's a bit expensive, and you must have a satellite dish to get it (I've talked a bunch of my friends into getting it, though, just so they can see FNL early! So you know where I will be on 10/28.)

So actually most US residents won't be able to see FNL until Summer 2010 when they broadcast it on regular TV (NBC).

And people are very upset that subscribers to DirecTV get it first (but of course...we're paying for it)!

But, for instance, a lot of people CAN'T get DirecTV because it DOES require a satellite dish, and people like my friends in Manhattan can't have one those in their apartment!

This website kind of explains what's going on (and gives fantastic spoilers, so look out).

So I wouldn't want to taunt the poor people who don't have DirecTV anymore than they're already being taunted by the constant ads that are being played on NBC, telling everyone that Friday Night Lights is starting...on DirecTV...and they can't see it...unless they subscribe! People are already so upset!

(Summer 2010 is SO far away!)

Background Info: DirecTV is the broadcast satiellite service that purchased Friday Night Lights along with NBC when the latter decided the show was too expensive to produce alone. (Mind you this show is made on a shoelace budget already as they use practical locations and their filming techniques means they shoot quick.) As part of the deal, DirecTV gets to screen the season with NBC screening it second. Whew....does that make sense? Regardless, it's a brilliant thing as FNL is still on the air and Tim Riggins is still on the screen. Hurrah!

Thanks so much to Meg for taking the time to write about the show here on Persnickety Snark...and calling me "cute" awwww. You can catch Meg frequently on her blog, Meg's Diary, as well as giving great advice with Michele Jaffe on their YouTube Channel.

Here's DirecTV's new promo for FNL season pretty.

And season 3's awesome promo...


Unknown said...

YOU GOT MEG CABOT TO WRITE IN YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!! That is SO awesome! I am so jealous!
I've never heard of this show, but it must be good!!

prophecygirl said...

Those promos have just made my day. I can't wait for the DVD to be released next year!

Oh, and great guest post from Meg!

Molly said...

Well, you have just proven the old adage true: "It couldn't hurt to ask. The worse that can happen is that she could say no."

Her guest post was terrific - and your initiative was amazing!

BookChic said...

Meg is such a sweet person and loves book bloggers! It didn't surprise me that she would have responded to you since a) you're a blogger and b) you were talking about FNL, lol.

Great guest post from Meg! :)

Ash said...

I found your blog through Meg's twitter. Just wanted to say great post and I'm really digging your blog! I'll definitely be back. :)

Anonymous said...