Thursday 11 June 2009

Twilight Stalker Graph

Thanks to the lovely Zoe for tweeting this little beauty.

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Though I did point out that Pacey watched Joey sleep in one episode of Dawson's Creek. I did not and still don't find that creepy but I guess it's all contextual.

**The orange bubble that doesn't fit says "Fathers of Ill Children" (and no you can't say that applies to Edward...he's the father of a SICK child aka The Abomination aka Reneesme *shivers*)


prophecygirl said...

'Abomination aka Renesmee' = AGREED!

Kathryn White said...


That graph is very funny. I agree, there is something very creepy about a certain Mr Edward Cullen.

Amelia said...

LOL funniest chart ever.

Tina said...

I never found his stalking her hot, I thought it was creepy. Once she knew about him watching her, not so bad.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA!! I agree with this, I don't like Edward at all.
I have an award for you:

FlossAus said...

Also, the Pacey incident was a special case because she fell asleep in the public lounge room area and not a bedroom!

Also it's Joshua Jackson so that excludes him from any wrong doing.

Unknown said...

That's brilliant -I love it!

Being with someone and them falling asleep and then watching them is different than actually sneaking into someone's house -through the damn window at that!- and watching them sleep. But noooo, we're the wrong ones. We just don't understand the ZOMG GREATEST LOVE EVER!!