Monday, 18 May 2009

Stinky Squad / DC Green

Summary - Oztrailer has become a nation of zombies! George Boof wants to bomb the entire country back to the Stone Age!!

Our only hope? A team of loser teens with gross mutant powers like wall-melting farts, acid vomit, and super-glue zit-pus - Stinky Squad!

Review - While I am in no way the target audience for this book, I definitely get the appeal. Kids wake up one morning to discover their world has been taken over by zombies and that their most grotesque flaw has morphed into a superpower. Green has peppered this novel with tonnes of humour - tummy rumbling toilet humour and plenty of puns. You have to laugh when the setting is Oztrailer (get it?) with the zombie onslaught possibly being a result of experimentation by the Allmerikans.

This could sound like the average potty humour titles that are prevalent for kids in the tweens but there's are many social issues swirling beneath the surface. For instance the kids are all different colours: green, purple and blue, so racial stereotypes are discussed throughout. There is also some social commentary on immigrants, as well as bullying.

It's a great book, full of belly laughs, colourful characters and snappy dialogue. There's also some awesome vomiting, adhesive snot, noxious farting and some sneezing that would knock Mother Nature off her rocker. Stinky Squad is a highly entertaining read with an important message and a lot of heart.

Published: 2007
Format: Paperback, 217 pages
Publisher: Barrel Books
Origin: Australia
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