Thursday, 14 May 2009

Sarah Dessen May Project

Most of you know that I am the Sarah Dessen Diariast, as well as being the Snarktress.  Here's what's happened on the first nine days of the Sarah Dessen Birthday / Along for the Ride Celebration.

Day 1 - Shalonda - The Newbie
Day 2 - Melissa Walker - Chapel Hill Compariots
Day 3 - Janssen - Sisterhood
Day 4 - Sara Zarr - Beacon of Hope
Day 5 - Jordyn - I Want To Be Sarah Dessen
Day 6 - Amanda Ashby - How To Deal
Day 7 - SarahBear -  Dessen, The Best Medicine 
Day 8 - Lindsey Leavitt - Dessen Boys 

And we have well over twenty posts from authors and bloggers left!  Make sure to drop by and leave a comment!

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