Saturday, 21 March 2009

Weekend Snarkdate / 21 March

Trying something new, I have had a few interesting things happen this past week so I thought I would share :)
  • I have sixty followers and every single one of them is spellblindingly attractive.
  • I have been reading a book a day for the past two weeks - the TBR is not shrinking.
  • City of Glass Week has been a treat. My surprise for Friday didn't happen but I am sure it will arrive eventually. The competition will end in 10 hours time so if you would like to win a copy of City of Glass with a signed bookplate, you need to enter asap.

  • I had coffee (and by that, I mean bubbly, non-alcoholic drinks) with the lovely Lili Wilkinson this afternoon. It was great to hear about the plans for this year's Reading Matters Conference in Melbourne - so excited. I also got to discuss Hunger Games, Jellicoe Road and a whole host of other books with her vastly more experience eye for YA lit.

  • Hunger Games - caused me to read through my stop for the bus and continue through another three. That has never happened to me before and the walk home was a killer on a hot Friday night. Thanks to the smashing Kaz for sending me a copy.

  • Gayle Forman got the official word from Summit, securing Catherine Hardwicke as the director for If I Stay. I am beyond excited for her. As some of you may know, I reviewed the book back in January (read here) and have been bonding over Matt Saracen with her ever since. I even got mentioned in an article at The Daily Beast alongside Gayle and Reviewer X about the book, the movie and the disdain for YA in general. I am hilariously described as " adult YA blogger". Steph, as usual, provides some great material with the right amount of snark lol.

  • Beth Fantaskey offered to show me the delights of Amish living. Bahahahaha. I might take her up on it...but I kinda need a passport first.

  • Alea, the delightful Pop Culture Junkie, has been wowing me with her tweeting ability. If you haven't joined the Twitter craze then do so. There are so many authors procrastinating on Twitter - you are missing out if you aren't on. Seriously.

  • Elizabeth Scott declared me the winner of one of the many competitions she is running daily over at in celebration of the Something, Maybe release. I detailed my inability to ever apply eye liner with anything resembling finesse and voila! I received Undone by Brooke Taylor and three E.Scott novels - colour me happy! I am currently losing my EScott v-chip.

  • The fetching Mo Johnson did me a lovely kindness last week and wrote about me in an Australian writing publication, Pass It On. As a result many Aussie Children and YA writers are seeking me out and I am discovering writers that I was unfamiliar with.

  • I took photos of Courtney Summers' Cracked Up To Be on the shelves of some Adelaide bookstores today. It has been available in Australia for a week. Picture me standing on a foot stool trying to get the right angle (incorporating CUTB and the multiple Twilight publications in the same shot) and you have my morning. My friend, very kindly, stood there supportively (though she was perplexed) the entire time. In another store, I robbed the display table of a whole bunch of (to remain nameless) titles and replaced them with CUTB (by robbed - I actually mean swapped). I made Courts' day...apparently... and have been renamed Rebel of Awesomeness. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? LOL

  • Oh yeah, I also started my first writing course and am freaking petrified.
What about your week?


Alea said...

I'm glad I'm entertaining you! :D

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh wow, that's a lot going on. I'm so stoked for Gayle as well. AWESOME!! :-)


Janssen said...

I'm so glad you loved The Hunger Games. Oh that book was just terrific!

Unknown said...

Hurrah for starting your writing course! You will rock it. Also...the books are in the mail. :-) XO

Erika Powell said...

So I am new to twitter this week and still getting the hang of it. mostly i don't think I have enough interesting things to say to keep up with the likes of Alea

Alea said...

Erika Lynn- HA! I pretty much talk about anything I want, it's pretty random!

Lisa Schroeder said...

Wow, that is wonderful for Gayle - I'm so excited for her. I loved IF I STAY as well.