Thursday, 19 March 2009

Interview - Charlotte McConaghy Part 4

Charlotte McConaghy is the nineteen year old, Australian debut author of the fantasy novel, Arrival. Over at the Aussie YA Alliance we have been celebrating her debut publication and this is the fourth part of an awesome interview we were able to conduct via a chatroom!

Have you been doing any press for your book?
This is my first interview!!! But yes, I am doing a launch.

Details: Wed 8th April 7:00pm at Journey's Bookstore 127 Trafalgar Street Annandale, Sydney. It is a public event, so anyone is welcome!

Are you doing a tour?
Not yet, but hopefully soon. I'd like to do some school visits, and I'll be doing some library readings here in Sydney, plus I've been invited to my first children's literature week up in Ipswish where I will present a paper. I'm quite nervous!!

Charlotte, are you currently at university or working?
I'm part time working at the moment to pay my rent, and so that I have enough time to write. One day I think I'll go to uni, but at the moment I've decided to really try and make a career out of writing.

How many hours a day are you writing?
Days when I'm not working I usually do about eight hours. When I start I go from mid morning and then can't stop until late into the night.

How many words per day does that equate to?
Thousands upon thousands lol. It's kind of crazy... I just phase everything else out and forget to look up again for hours!

What are you working on right now? More of the Arrival series?
I've got several things on the go at the moment. A couple of stand-alone books, one in the fanatsy genre, another that is a psychological thriller. I just started a big project working on a new series. It's called 'The Key Holder Saga'. It will probably have about six or seven books in it.

Is Satine really into Leostrial or is it Stockholm Syndrome?
She's very in love with him. It's a terrible conflict for her. She loved Accolon in an innocent, youthful way, but when that was ruined, she realised her true, deeper feelings were for Leostrial.

She'll always love the memory of what they had, and of the people they once were, but she'd grown up a lot.

Are Mia and Jack going to be main players in Book 2?
Yes, some of them. They'll be the new additions.

How would you describe the next book in three words?
Ok, 3 words...Captivating...Intense...ROMANTIC. It's also a lot darker than the first.

Thank you Charlotte for allowing us to interview you.

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Charlotte's novel, Arrival, is available through black dog books in all major Australian bookstores and online purchase here.

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Jacky said...

Thanks for the great interview guys! I've been searching all over the internet for some kind of news about Charlotte and the next book...SO can't wait for the next one i stayed up all night reading the first!