Thursday 5 February 2009

The List - Ultimate YA Couple?

As you might know, I am the Australian author contributor to The Read Carpet Podcast. I am also contributing a segment in the alternate episodes called The List. This is an opportunity for you guys to have your opinions heard.

To your right is a poll I would like for you to vote in - which couple in YA do you consider to be "the ultimate relationship"? I consulted with the lovely Ana over at YA Romance Reviews, as this is her niche. In fact, she has a top 20 list of her favourite couple that you can take a gander at here.

We are missing some old school, I was thinking about Anne and Gilbert but they are almost too iconic to mention. I will reveal the results on the podcast as well as any comments you choose to make about coupledom in YA, whether negative or positive. I would really enjoy the constructive, who should be on the list and why. Who on the list is bliss and why? Give me some comments to discuss, people! Comment on this post to have your opinions said in my Aussie voice, try and include a country/state where you are from. It's own podcast version of a call in line!

Ana needs some followers, so make sure you do so because her breakdown of Melina Marchetta's Jellicoe Road is a great read. While you are at it, follow me too. I am very follow-able (or should that be stalkable?)

Also - what should be The List subject next month?


Kelsey said...

Kelsey, MN, USA

I think Owen and Annabel and the rock solid couple in YA relationships. BUT...I feel like you missed some. Of course theirs Jessica and Marcus from the Jessica Darling series! Excellent. And....this might be a spoiler for those who are reading HArry Potter still...but what about Ron and Hermione? It was a long time coming, and it finally happened. Thoughts on that definitely. Umm...of course there is always Macy and Wes from The Truth about Forever, or theres always Stephenie Meyer's couples. I know, I know. They're everywhere now, but get real, there is MAJOR romance in her books. Seriously, if not Edward and Bella, then Melanie and Jared or Wanda and Ian...whichever. Also, I just thought of this one...The Nature of Jade for Jade and Sebastian. Really, right?

But, seriously great poll, Adele. week. How about: Best sequels? Or most relate able characters?


Adele said...

I avoided the big ones like Edward/Bella and anything HP because I felt they feel in the iconic category.

And I wanted to highlight some other authors.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Ah, I love it. And it's so true...anything you say sounds awesome b/c of your accent. I love it! lol :)

As for next time around....hmmm....Most awesome genre?

I don't know! lol

LisaMay said...

Sadly, I chose to vote for the couple from the only book I've read off the list. Shame on me :(

Good idea leaving Bella and Edward off the list though.

Penni Russon said...

Calwyn and Darrow from Kate Constable's Tremaris books.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Taylor and Jonah. Because, more than any other couple in a YA novel, I need to believe that--how does Taylor put it?--that they *will* see each other, for the rest of their lives. And if that doesn't define "ultimate relationship," I don't know what does.

A couple that should be considered but aren't in the poll? Eugenides and Irene from Megan Whalen Turner's The Thief, The Queen of Attolia, and The King of Attolia.

Just Listen said...

I voted for Taylor and Jonah. Why? Because their realtionship in Jellicoe gave me major, major chills, it was so intense. And just amazing.

Allie, from the usually cold and windy but has decided to be freaking boiling state of Victoria. :D :D :D

Kelsey said...

That makes a lot of sense...but I just had to put it out there, you know?

All ya'll are making me want to read Jellicoe Road SO bad! Taylor and Jonah sound amazing!