Wednesday, 25 February 2009

If I Stay - Film News

When I reviewed If I Stay last month, I noted that the film rights had been bought by Summit. Gayle Forman and EW have revealed some breaking news about film developments -

Summit Entertainment is trying to make lightning strike twice. The studio behind the Twilight movie series has plans to adapt a buzzy young-adult novel called If I Stay with Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke at the helm, EW has learned exclusively. The studio would not confirm the plan; a Summit insider said the parties are negotiating and a deal is not yet complete.

The book, from author/journalist Gayle Forman (Sisters in Sanity), doesn't hit shelves until April 2 but was scooped up by Summit last month. The project centers on 17-year old musician Mia who, after a violent car accident, finds herself watching her damaged body taken from the wreck. She must decide whether or not she has the will to live.

It's interesting that Hardwicke and Summit would team up again considering how the two parted ways after Twilight became a massive worldwide box office success. This reunion suggests that rumors of discord between the director and her studio may have been greatly exaggerated.
Catherine Hardwicke is the talented director of Thirteen, Lords of Dogtown and Twilight. Her script for Thirteen is so powerful in its narrative that I know she will look after this novel, should everything come to pass. Catherine's visual style is very gritty (don't think of the more romantic scenes in Twilight) and her use of interesting visual elements will be key in this movie's development.

I am beside myself with joy for Gayle. In the interview for If I Stay that I will post closer to it's release (April 2009), she lists a Twilight cast member as someone she sees as one of the novel's key characters. Kismet! Yay Gayle.


Shooting Stars Mag said...

HOW DID I NOT REALIZE WHO WROTE THIS??? I totally read Sisters in Sanity like a year ago, but I didn't make the connection. So cool!!! I really want to read this book though, it sounds amazing and that's great about the film news. YAY for Gayle...and I love Thirteen as well. Amazing film, one of my favorites.


Lenore Appelhans said...

I am so excited about this! Reading the book in March...

Anonymous said...

I must admit that I didn't like so much the making of Twilight Movie by its director but I salute him for trying his best. IMO, the film is better in the book than in movies.

Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing the sequel because I know that this will be a hit and the flaws in the first sequel will be removed and mistakes corrected so I bet it will be better.


Anonymous said...

I'm dying to know who Gayle envisions from the cast! Can't you tell us! It's already March or maybe you already posted and I just didnt see

Adele said...

Sorry, I am sticking to Gayle's request to not post the interview until closer to the release date.

Just for you though, I will ask if I can do a film specific interview and post asap. Regardless, I think her Adam choice is not what you would expect but perfection nevertheless. (I know, I am such a tease.)