Saturday, 24 May 2014

Teen Author Carnival 2014

It has been four years since I was last in the New York City in which I visited blogging pals, survived the hellish-ness of the subway in August and revelled in the beauty of the city.

This year I shall be returning to attend BEA for the very first time....and chair a session at the fifth annual Teen Author Carnival. I am so excited as one of those people that I spent time with many years back was Mitali who organises TAC. I've always wanted to experience the event she created alongside the very fetching Devyn and Korianne, and now I get to see it in action AND chair a session. Mind blown.

 So what will I be chairing...

I’ll Be There For You 
1. Ann Stampler – Afterparty
2. Rebecca Serle – The Edge of Falling, Famous In Love 
3. Kara Taylor – Wicked Little Secrets 
4. Elizabeth Eulberg – Better Off Friends 
5. Sarah Mlynowski – Don’t Even Think About It

This panel will be taking place at 6pm alongside three other smashing panel line ups. However, I am rather partial to my lovely crew of lovelies.  So please come along, ask questions and try to decrypt the mysteries of my Australian accent.


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