Tuesday, 4 February 2014

US Cover: Wildlife (Fiona Wood)

I mentioned yesterday that Wildlife was one of my favourite lovelies from last year.  Today Goodreads has an image for its release in the US summer.

For those not in the know...here's the Australian cover.

I think what I like most about the US cover (whether or not this is the final cover...who knows) is the use of the font as windows into nature.  Nature is a huge framing device in the novel as it takes Lou and Sib out of their comfort zone and makes them focus upon, and explore their new reality.

I like the muted nature colouring and the white framing.  I do wish their were two girls on the front as I can't think of whether the dude is supposed to be Ben Capali or Michael.  Either way it implies the girl is most likely Sib....though it could be Lou and Michael.  And now I am over thinking it....

What are your thoughts?

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Unknown said...

I like it! But I wish it was two girls too then it'd be perfect.