Saturday, 8 February 2014

Let's not use the word 'appropriate'

I wrote this over a year ago as an opinion piece for my work, The Centre for Youth Literature.  It is sadly still applicable as the majority of media coverage with regards to youth literature is a narrow minded diatribe on teens inability to think rationally or with insight.

There is much discussion about appropriateness and curriculum parameters but I wonder how any of this actually encourages young people to pick up a book and read.

Instead of deliberating over the appropriateness of a title, let’s focus on reinventing the way we teach reading, literature and the creative works of authors, poets and artists. Reading is all about context, so let’s change it.  
To create a nation of strong readers, we need to make the practise one filled with joy. In narrowing what students should read as part of the curriculum and available on library bookshelves, we are narrowing their world.  
Reading should be all about opening the world up.  

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