Thursday, 5 July 2012

Geeky fabulous week: Oz Comic Con & Cookie Monster

Getting our Star Wars on....
It's been a little crazy this week but I blame that on the fall out from attending the Oz Comic Con.  Woefully organised (I was in lines for 7 hours of a 10 hour day), I did have the pleasure of meeting some actors I very much admire.

First off - Mitch Pileggi aka Skinner from X-Files, Grandfather Winchester from Supernatural and all round awesome man.  I'd call him the Silver Fox but he does not have any hair on his head.  This did not impede him however as there were many middle aged ladies wanting Mitch-time.  Not kidding.  The dude has some crazy charisma and a lovely deep voice.

Then....Sean Maher aka Simon from Firefly.  Moonbeams personified.  Took the time to personally engage with every person in the photo line and utterly adorable.  He told me (and my comic con partner in crime, Em) about contacting a Melbourne Facebook fan of his to show him around on Friday.  That's right.  He asked a fan to take him around Melbourne for the day - a uni student.  And then he went on about the awesome coffee and sandwich he had on Lygon and talked about how great the State Library was for hosting poitical protests.  So I melted.  He's a lovely, kind man.  He out kinded all the lovely people we met over the day which seemed impossible.

Patrick and Daniel Stewart - incredibly busy with signing and photos.  I was only able to catch him for the panel which can be summarised in a single word - delightful.  These two bounce off one another terrifically well and had the crowd in the palm of their hands.

Jason Momoa aka Conan aka Khal Drogo.  Momoa accounted for the second hour I spent at a panel.  He was candid, relaxed and self depreicating which I love in a person.  He's also a man mountain AND better looking in person.  I love Games of Thrones and while Jason is tops, I would be even more excited to meet Emelia Clark (aka Dani) who Jason spoke of highly.

This is Mitch Pileggi having just asked Jason during his panel - "Why are you so hot?"  and "Can I have a hug?"

I loathe stupid questions and unfortunately there were many for Jason.  It was v funny to have Mitch mock those stupid questions.

My OCC sidekick and I stood in line for well over 60 minutes for photo tokens and 90 minutes for the actual photo with Jason.  The line was heinous.  People were getting upset as there was no room, volunteers kept telling us to turn different ways and create different lines and there didn't seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel.  Except Jason Momoa, who had been taking photos for forever at this point, shook hands with all the fans, introduced himself and then had the picture shot.  Yes, Khal Drogo's arm has been around me and it was awesome.  Primarily because he seems to be a decent person - which is always a pleasant surprise.

And now some photos:
Poison Ivy, Cap & Spider-Man

Metallicar aka The Impala (1967 Chevrolet)
Em getting her picture drawn by Dean Rankine from Simpsons & Futurama
Love at first sight - so I bought it
If you are keeping track you'd realise there's a hour not accounted for - once the crowd had thinned out in the last hour we went past all the booths.  I picked up some fantastic prints and the first edition of Burger Force, from a great Brisbane comic artist who's primary colour / black and white style was right up my alley.  The creator Jackie Ryan uses real actors as her models for the episodes and it adds an element that you might not find in typical comics.  I loved her work so much I am putting it on my walls.

I also picked up the Great Works Act I, II and III comics from Melbourne's FEC (for evil children) Comics which retell Shakespeare from characters you may not expect.  Not only was the work they had on show but the guys were really warm and friendly (and seemed to find out con-mushbrain quite funny.)

Just when I thought it couldn't get better we had some visitors at work on Monday. Life long dream of meeting Cookie Monster accomplished.
Rain hair :(  Cookie :)
Cookie and Elmo hangin'

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