Tuesday 26 June 2012

Ballet, news desks & wish lists

Amy Sherman-Palladino's new entry into television world sees her trademark dialogue, the majority of the cast and the same personality type from Gilmore Girls plonked into a dance school setting.  Needless to say I hated it.   My love for Gilmore Girls is strong but I always recognised the flaws (coughRorycoughLogancoughfinalseasoncough).  I found Bunheads to be a show where Sherman-Palladino embraced all those flaws and made them worse.  The only thing I liked was Emily Bishop...and that's about it.

It was so lacking in ambition that every appearance by her GG stable of actors made my hackles rise.  Tonally it was off - if you've seen the last minute of the pilot you know what I mean.  There was a complete lack of diversity in ethnicity, gender or perspective.  The dance outfits weren't cute and while Sutton Foster is talented, I didn't want to see a rehashing of something I've always experienced in a higher form.

I did like Boo - that's about it.

With every announcement of a new GG alum dropping by I am glad I have bowed out...if not gracefully.

The Newsroom
I had read the many critical reviews from Sepinwall, McNutt and other tv journalists who's opinions I respect.  I was prepared for the worst.  Not to say that the plot and character breakdown was pretty much the same as SportsNight except a drama instead of a comedy.  I still found myself enjoying it.  I do find Aaron Sorkin smug, occasionally sexist and all around on the nose at times but I still buy into the experience.  Call me a pushover.

But then the cast is pretty darned good, even if some of their dialogue is pretty rank at times.

Definitely watching this until Sorkin doesn't something anvil-like horrendous.

Also - Sam Waterson is adorable.

Films to cross off my to do list:

  • The Amazing Spider-Man - my love for Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone shall never wane (may they never break up)
  • My Sister's Sister - Blunt, Witt and Duplaus...improvised drama....uh yeah
  • The Sapphires - Mailman and O'Dowd!
  • Cabin in the Woods - when I finally find someone willing to go with me
  • Safety Not Guaranteed - YES
  • People Like Us - Pine, Banks and a sibling drama
  • Brave - I don't typically do animated but this looks good
  • Hysteria - a historical comedy about vibrators?  What's not to like?
  • The Bourne Legacy - I love this series, it may not be Damon but I do love Renner
Seriously - where were all these movies in the first six month of this year?  


Anonymous said...

I watched Sorkin's newest, too. The reason I liked it was because it feels like Studio 60 2.0 but with less lovable characters, but I'm okay with that. Although I miss my Studio 60 DEARLY.

¯|¯héºþhªn¡ª said...

In the past three weeks, I've seen Spider-man, Brave and Hysteria (the last with free tickets, yay!). Spider-man was surprisingly enjoyable, the leads played the awkward-teenage-romance so well :)
I love Pixar films and Brave did not disappoint. Gorgeous, well-voiced, emotional, funny.
And Hysteria, I knew nothing about before seeing but it was hilarious and touching.
Hope you get the time to see all of those films!