Saturday, 31 December 2011

My Anticipated Film List for 2012

I think this year has been a pretty terrible year for film making.  I have high hopes for 2012 and here are some of the trailers that have me excited to hit the cinemas in the new year.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

I would marry Jennifer Garner if I could.  Since that horrible Jennifer Love Hewitt / Party of Five spin off in the late 90s, I've thought she was terrific.  This also looks like it can join August Rush in my saccharine kids movies that aren't really for kids list starring JJ Abrams leading ladies.  Also, Joel Edgerton is divine...and Australian.

Dark Knight Rises

Forget Bale, I am interested in Catwoman!  Catwoman is my favourite comic book characters (in select variations...usually dependant on how she earns a crust and/or written by Frank Miller...not a fan) and I am wary of Anne Hathaway in the role but confident in Nolan's casting history.  I've read an interview this week with Hathaway about her research, the costume and how she's been altering her breathing in the role as the creators of Catwoman (Bob Kane & Bill Finger) based the character on actress Hedy Lamarr.

Also, two words.  Tom Hardy.

This Means War

What can I say?  I love me some Tom Hardy.  Especially if watching this movie means seeing Hardy do an action-comedy.  I feel like we've seen the entire movie in the trailer and that Reece Witherspoon will never succeed in her attempts to be funny but I shall see it anyway.

The Avengers

Do I really need to say why?  Okay - Joss Whedon + superheroes.  Done.

Also, I am terribly interested to see Cobie Smulders (Robyn, How I Met Your Mother) as an action hero.  I think she'll kick butt.

The Amazing Spider-Man

I loathed the other newish Spider-Man movies.  I cannot stand Tobey Maguire so the movies were a lost cause...especially when it involved him dancing badly and wearing eyeliner.  So here we have my favourite gal, Emma Stone, with the phenomenally talented Andrew Garfield who has an actual stake in the portrayal of Peter Parker (as seen below.)
The Spidey perspective cam shots from the trailer got me interested in the movie but this impassioned speech won me over completely.

The Hunger Games

I just really want to see Jennifer Lawrence tear up the scenery and our emotions as Katniss.

The Bourne Legacy
(no trailer or photos currently available)

I love the Bourne trilogy and Matt Damon but I also think Jeremy Renner is one talented guy.  The movie will be written and directed by Tony Gilroy who was responsible for writing the first three so bring it on.


It looks remarkably crap but it has Riggins and Landry in it.  Nuff said.

One for the Money

I've only read the first Stephanie Plum book (Janet Evanovich) so I am not as tangled up with adaptation concerns as most.  I am also in the 1% of the world who thinks Katherine Heigl is smart, mouthy and bucking the trend of actresses pretending to be sweet as pie for favourable publicity.  She might be a raging cow but at least she's honest.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

I could say ...just because but I actually think Benjamin Walker is a talented actor and look forward to seeing the great bearded one kick some non-sparkly vamp ass.

Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters

I could have said Snow White and the Huntsman, or Mirror Mirror BUT this one is far more creative and stars the aforementioned Jeremy Renner and the divine Gemma Arterton as the hunting siblings scarred from their witch encounter as children.


Ben Affleck is following up his direction of Gone Baby Gone and The Town with this real life story of American CIA agents posing as a scouting crew for the movie Argo to retrieve American citizens during the Iranian Hostage Crisis.  Affleck is acting and has cast Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) and Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights) so this is a FIRM green light.

The Untitled Terrance Malick Project

I know next to nothing about this movie - 1) it is directed by Malick and 2) it stars Affleck and (my girl crush) Rachel McAdams, and 3) this shot looks beautiful.

21 Jump Street

I love Tatum (he's very funny in She's All That... remember the phone/weight room scene?) and will tolerate Jonah Hill as the trailer looks surprisingly good.

A red headed lass kicking butt and contravening age old patriarchal customs?  YES.


Stay with me - it's YA and it stars Lindsay Shaw.  Shaw played Kat in the 10 Things I Hate About You tv show which wasn't all that bad.  She also looks like she could be a tennis player, unlike most actresses in Hollywood.  It's a common YA sporting trope - learning that winning isn't everything.  And yes, it looks unbelievably cheesy.  Why they've chosen to advertise that it is from the same people that inflicted Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray on us I'll never know.

The Wettest County in the World

So this crime drama stars Tom Hardy (sensing a theme?), Shia LaBeouf (ugh) and Mia Wasilkovska (LOVE) detailing bootlegging in the 1930s South.

Jack the Giant Killer

It's all about the cast -

  • Nicholas Hoult
  • Bill Nighy
  • Stanley Tucci
  • Ewan McGregor
  • Ian McShane
You can't do better than that.  Well, remove the stalk and the giants perhaps...but still without those giants you wouldn't see flaming trees coming at you.

Well that's it for me.  I admit there are no indie movies or documentaries on this list but I've had less success rooting out what will be available in 2012.

What are you excited to see on the big screen next year?


Sue Bursztynski said...

Quite a list there! I've never heard of most of them as films - Hunger Games, of course. I suppose 16-Love has no connection with the novel with a similar title by Robert Corbet (the tennis-playing boy and the viola-playing girl - it was re-packaged for Girlfriend Fiction, with the author called R.M.Corbet) - I bet it's not as charming a story! :-)Well, my most-anticipated is Part 1 of The Hobbit.How could you leave that off your list? :-)

Audrey (holes In My brain) said...

Adele!! I LOVE this list, it is just awesome. Like you, I was (like extremely) disappointed with the films this year, but yeah.. 2012 has potential, and I've got a few more movies to add to my list now :p

Emily said...

2011 sucked for movies. The only one I saw was HP, which I loved. You've put some movies on my radar though! I <3 Christian Bale, so DK Rises will be on my list for sure. And Brave looks awesome!

jonyangorg said...

You watch so many books and and movies, you should join our reading challenge! 50 books, 50 movies in 2012!

Anonymous said...

How did I not know about the Hansel & Gretel film?! Also, I have the same feelings about Battleship, but probably won't actually go to the theater to see it. Hubs is super stoked about Riggins too.

I'm excited about The Hunger Games, Jack, and Dark Knight Rises too!