Saturday, 26 November 2011

Hank Sgiving*

*Sorry, New Girl reference.

What am I grateful for?  Lots of people, places, things and opportunities but I'm going to focus on...the materialistic.

Yes, I am shamelessly shallow.

Things I am grateful for this week (let's face it, we should be thinking of these things on a regular basis).

  • MISFITS.  Two days, 17 episodes and already up to date.  Two seasons went past in a hilarious, profanity ridden blur.  When you find yourself alone in a room watching a show and laughing aloud at length, you know you are onto a good thing.  Misfits is everything I love about the majority of Brit humour based shows - brilliantly scripted, a little bent with a cast of motley characters.  While I love the supremely annoying Nathan, I have a special place in my heart for Kelly the Chav.  Her scraped back ponytail is a sight to behold.
  • My new Mac Book Pro.  I've always found Mac users to be irritatingly smug like they are part of a special group of individuals that know something the rest of us didn't.  Turns out they do.  Macs kinda rock.  I am still getting used to the Mac way of doing things but it all seems easier once you get the hang of things.
  • Dresses with pockets.
  • Ron Weasley
  • Dew Melon Ice Blends with Pearls.  So freaking good.
  • Silent Bob and Jay are coming to Melbourne for a live tour.  Extra kudos to the one friend who actually wants to go with me.
  • Dolly Parton.  I didn't see her in concert as she's truly awesome.  Her Imagination Library distributes books to disadvantaged kids in UK, USA and Canada.  Forty million books have been distributed so far and she hasn't done it for good PR, rather the knowledge that she's helping early childhood literacy.  Brava Dolly!
  • Umbrellas.  If you live on the east coast of Australia today, you'll understand.
I've watched a huge amount of television this month and it's all been fantastic.
  • Breaking Bad - seasons one through four
  • The Wire - all five seasons
  • Misfits - into third season
  • Haven - season two (with the LOVELY Nathan Wuornos character)
Got any more suggestions for me?


Michelle said...

Welcome to the world of Mac users! We're happy to have you. :)

Even though you don't necessarily celebrate the holiday I hope you're well and that you have a happy season.

Chachic said...

LOL at HankSgiving! I enjoy watching New Girl too. I should probably check out the Misfits. I recommend Modern Family if you're not watching that yet. And I'm curious about Two Broke Girls but I haven't seen any episodes.

I also love dresses with pockets. I think they're awesome. :)

Brahmin in Boston said...


And yeaaaah! Mac rocks :)

Who, in their right minds, wouldn't be thankful for Ron Weasley? *grin*

I recently purchased a dress which has - wait for it - pockets! It was like an early Christmas to me!

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

Jess the Reader said...

Misfits! My best friend and I started watching that independantly of each other, and had a brilliant moment when we started talking about it with each other. I got my sister and my dad into it, and now we all quote that awesome Kelly line to each other when someone is being annoying (you know, "I'll kick you so hard..." It's not PG, so I won't finish that here.).

If you love that, try Community too. There are two seasons available here, and they're into their third in the US (although it's just been put on 'hiatus', whatever that means). The dvds were super cheap from JB Hi Fi a few weeks ago - $20 per season online! Steal! It has such great storylines, and really lovely characters. So although it's quite different to Misfits, it is equally awesome. Maybe more so for Misfits season three, which is without Nathan. Not loving that, and from the promos I've seen online, it looks like it's lost some of the magic. Everyone's praise of the new guy feels a little forced. I wish they hadn't replaced him, and just left it to the others to carry the show, they could have done it.

Jess the Reader said...

Adele, I forgot to mention School of Comedy. It's a sketch comedy show, but with kids doing all the sketchs. It is hilarious, and very British.

My favourite are the two South African security guards, and the designer who advocates to every one of his clients to use more art with boobs.

It screened here on ABC2, and you can probably get the dvds there, but there's loads more material available online on the UK channel website, like behind-the-scenes videos, interviews and outtakes.