Monday 6 June 2011

The Vampire Diaries #2: The Secret Circle - you in?

I was judgemental about The Vampire Diaries, I admit it. I won't ever read the books (though I have respect for LJ Smith) but I have a kernel of love for the television show adaptation in my withered heart.

But did you know, the US network CW have picked up another show reinventing LJ Smith's vision? It's paranormal again but this time around it's all about the witchy ones.

And here we go... THE SECRET CIRCLE

  • Yes, that is Life Unexpected's Britt Robertson as Cassie. 
  •  The town is called Chance Harbor - ick
  • The blonde boy next door needs a serious hair cut (90210 - the early years called and they want their hair and leather jacket back).  He's unfortunately a homegrown Aussie - we claim no responsibility for his throwback look!
  • No principal is that attractive...even if they are, they are so stressed they fail to look so in a very short amount of time.
  • Adam might be cute in some circles but to me he shall always be the whiny John Connor in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
  • Phoebe Tonkin (Australia's own) is working it as the bad girl Faye - she's the only one that makes an impression out of the entire cast.
  • If someone you don't know takes you to an abandoned house in the woods - DON'T GO!
  • Gale Harold (aka older strange dude / Diana's dad) - can do charismatic and twisted just as well as Ian Somerhalder.  But he doesn't have sparkly blue eyes :(
  • "If you're reading this and I'm gone..." letters are lame.
  • Odds are drunk, weird dude is probably Cassie's dad
While I sound skeptical, I was about TVD too.  I wrote it off and if you look back at the first few eps of TVD you'll remember why.  I know nothing about the book series so any guesses above are based purely on the 6 minutes of the pilot episode.  

I guess we'll see about this one....


Kitten said...

Adam is whiny in the books too, if I recall and Faye was also the best thing in the books. (The 'dark' and 'evil' witches were much more fun and interesting than the good ones, as I'm sure you can guess. I mean, Damon or Stefan, who is more fun?)

Unfortunately, both series being adapted were of the "I have this one soulmate and he is so very good." I mean, in the Secret Circle I think the term soulmate was actually used.

On the positive side, the same person at the helm for TVD is also for SC (Kevin Williamson), but that's also the negative side too because if TVD because mediocre all of a sudden, I'm going to weep.

Belle said...

Oooh, this looks totally craptastic, which is awesome in my books. Hope this comes to Australia soon. I'm a big fan of TVD. :)

Chapter Chicks said...

Ah I love TVD and The Secret Circle books are so much better than The Vampire Diary ones.