Sunday, 12 June 2011


I've been thinking about this one scene in the television show, Felicity, all week.

If you haven't seen this show...which rock have you been hiding under?

The Yearbook Message:

Dear Felicity,
Here it goes. I watched you for four years, always wondered what you were like, and what was going on in your mind all that time when you were so quiet, just thinking. Drawing in your notebook. I should've just asked you, but I never asked you. So now, four years later, I don't even know you. But I admire you. Well, that makes me sound crazy, but I'm okay with that. So take care of yourself.


P.S. I would've said, "Keep in touch," but unfortunately, we were never in touch.

And the scene with the lisping dreamboat himself:

On reflection I am even more impressed.  he's in the middle of an epic argument with his mother on Gradation Day and he takes the time to write something truly wonderful for a girl he barely knows.  Sigh.


Belle said...

Oh, Felicity! I really need to revisit this show. I was obsessed with it back in the day... until she cut her hair. It was all downhill from there.

Carla said...

that moment, that one small gesture he made just completely made me root for him even when he was a complete and utter ass.

Unknown said...

Ha! This post just made me laugh a little :) Felicity is a truly fabulous show! I wish Keri Russell made more appearances on the big screen these days.

Ruby said...

Cool, so, I'd never heard of Felicity before I read your blog post a few hours ago and now I am HOOKED. I blame you! :P

Amy said...

One of my all time favorite shows! :)

Brahmin in Boston said...

Wow. I have never heard of this show (which shows that I live under a rock) but the scene was so touching!

Scott Speedman!? The descendant of Corvins (The Underworld Series)! *sigh*

BTW the thing that Felicity does when she is waiting for Ben to write in the year book, (at around 1:35) I do that ALL the time! Hahah! Now I know it looks sorta weird!

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

One of my favourite TV shows - I've watched all four seasons so many times!

leelee said...

I'd forgotten all about my love for Felicity and my reasons for always rooting for Ben no matter how idiotic he was acting. Thanks for the reminder! :)