Friday, 6 May 2011

Hot Picks

I like sharing my finds so I thought I'd post some pop culture laden items that I have been partaking of.

ADELE - 21
I have been transfixed by 21 for what seems like forever.  There isn't a track that I don't respond to on some gut level along with her beautiful vocals and the stunning arrangements.  I also love that one of my twitter friends indicated that listening to 21 made him dislike his entire gender because of the hurt and anger that permeates this album.  Amazing.

If you can check out John Legend's cover of 'Rolling in the Deep' as it is marvellous.

Stay with me...I know it is a chick flick.  I saw an early screening a few weeks back as I love the book (it's the best of chick-lit) as it explores the grey area of friendship and romance.  There are many moral quandaries in Something Borrowed (Emily Giffin) and while the movie doesn't depict itself as murky, it does show this less-than-desirable behaviour.  You see, women in romance films can do worse things than break a sleep with their best friend's fiance.  Is the film as compelling and snappy as the book?  No.  But it is a lively film that will probably lead into an adaptation of the sequel, Something Blue.  All the cast did supremely well  but I found the direction and the screenplay a little overwhelming.  Elevated by a slightly difference take on females in their 20s and fun performances.  However, Ginnifer Goodwin's wig must die.

John Krasinski is awfully cute but not all that different than his role on The Office (US).

Big grin.  Brainless, tongue-in-cheek action flick with Vin Diesel and The Rock hitting each other.  I don't like cars and yet I've seen each of these films in the cinema.  Who cares about the laws of physics?  Go with it.  Jordana Brewster needs a burger something bad, The Rock seemed to have a sweat gland issue and Vin Diesel should never (ever) smile.

Stay for the last scene.  I've never heard such an audible reaction to information revealed on screen before and it made me excited to see the sixth installment.

Sarah MacLean writes fantastically fun and heartfelt historical romance.  Some might know MacLean from her YA release, The Season (also great) but her historical romance releases are above the genre.  Yes, the titles of this series (also Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake and Ten Ways To Be Adored When Romancing a Lord) are overly long and cumbersome but their insides are a joy.

  • Post Secret - I have no idea why I failed to learn of this initiative, website, book series and exhibits before but I adore it.  Strangers share their innermost secrets anonymously on a homemade postcard and send it to Frank Warren.  What results is a curious blend of art, humanity and a sense of community - it is impossible not to see yourself in others with this project.  Moving and important. 
  • Letters of Note - Some days I don't read the updates because I am not interested but there are some fascinating historical pieces of correspondence on this blog.  The letter Jim Morrison's (The Doors) father wrote to the Parole Commission when his son was arrested for lewd behaviour.  A telling reflection of this man and the fractured (yet loving) relationship he had with his son.
  • Cultural Learnings - anyone who is invested in television probably knows about Miles McNutt and his critical breakdown of television episodes (whether it is Friday Night Lights, How I Met Your Mother or Community.).  Hes critical, he's insightful and you always come away thinking of a performance, a line or a arc in a different way.  I also cannot conceive of when this man sleeps as his discussions are so lengthy and he covers many shows (from a variety of genres) each day...incredible.  Worth a look if only for his Three Glees theory.
I have never read the book in which this HBO adaptation is based but three episodes into this series and I am hooked.  I find myself particularly invested in the personal journey of Daenerys, who we meet as her brother marries her to Drago as part of his machinations for the throne.  She's young, she's powerless and she's terrified.  And yet, she learns very very quickly.  The intelligence and subtlety of Emelia Clarke's performance is lovely, as are all the performances on this series.


  • Remote Viewing - recorded in Melbourne and reflecting on Australian releases the trio behind this podcast host interesting discussions on the state of Australian and international cinema and diverse reviews.  I particularly enjoy their weekly discussion whether it be the works of John Hughes, cult cinema or the nature of hype.  One of these days I'll sneak my way on ....
  • Now Playing - I am in love.  Thorough, insightful and deep discussions of a movie from a variety of perspectives (newbie, movie fan, obsessive) all with a sense of humour.  I started listening for their Scream franchise retrospective and now have been sucked in completely.  I am starting on the Philip K. Dick adaptations and then play on going back to the Back to the Future retrospective.  My saviour on public transport.  If you are a horror fan, they've worked through the entire Halloween franchise and they have just started on X-Men leading up to the release of X-Men: First Class.

What are you digging on?


nicole said...

'dele, you didn't know about postsecret?? oh dude: the cryfest for YEARS.

it's also how sonj discovered sia; they used her 'breathe me' in their first ever trailer. got me like no one's business

Alwyn said...

Game of Thrones! *fist pump* I am so hooked on that series. I highly recommend the books, I have been hooked on them since I was about 16 (in fact they may be the books that led me astray from YA for a while...)

I'm an Arya fangirl all the way (followed by Tyrion and then somehow, inexplicably, after being on the list of characters I wanted to face punch for 2 books, Jaime Lannister). But I know a lot of people who are Dany fans and while sometimes I find her too naive in the books she has some of my favourite moments in the books to call hers.

We Heart YA said...

Love Adele 21, and love SOMETHING BORROWED (book -- going to see the movie tomorrow!), and love PostSecret. What else am I digging on... Hmmm... ENTWINED by Heather Dixon, and Nikita (TV show).

Liz said...

I don't really know Adele's music, but she seems like an artist I would enjoy, so I'll have to check her out.

I'm glad to here Something Borrowed is good, because I just got the book. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Lordy. That John Legend cover for Rolling in the Deep is a total panty-meltin song.

I'd like to discuss how much I did not like the book, Something Borrowed, sometime. I didn't understand the love for that book and I still don't, but I still want to see the movie because I do love that quirky Goodwin girl.

Um, YEAH Cultural Learnings is awesome! I love reading all of his breakdowns and thoughts. Such wonderful reviews and insight.

I am totally digging on The Walking Dead and cannot wait until the second season starts up again. I've never enjoyed a show where I have to peek behind someone's shoulder to watch SO MUCH.

Baggins said...

Thanks for this post, you've introduced me to some great new things!! :-D

My whole family is hooked on Game of Thrones. My younger brother has read the books and he's making us all watch the show. I too am a little invested in Daenerys.

My reaction to the last scene of Fast 5 was definitely vocal! I thought it might've been the last movie, but I'm pretty happy to have a sixth! Should be interesting, at least.