Sunday, 10 April 2011

Persnickety Snark Traffic Report

According to my stats on blogger these are the top 10 posts on PSnark (according to unique hits):

  1. Final List - Top 100 YA Novels (2010)
  2. Redheads Rule!
  3. Harry & Me (scratch that) Ron & Me
  4. Epilogues: When Stories End with Ugh
  5. Persnickety Snark Question Forum (I continue to be stunned by this - most boring post ever)
  6. Thoughts on Negative v. Critical Reviews
  7. Friday Night Lights - Season 5 Promo (people obv have taste)
  8. Boy Next Door or Girl's Next Bore?
  9. Top 100 YA Novels (96-100)
  10. Persnickety Snark's FIVE Challenge of 2010
What I find very interesting is that not one of these posts is a review.  I've never thought I've been a strong reviewer and I think this supports that.  Five of the posts are discussion/reflection posts on YA related topics (I love that the redhead post is #2).  This is reflected in further stats that show my discussion page gets 100% more traffic than any other page link at the top of the blog.

These are the top search terms keyed in to get to PSnark:

  1. persnickety snark (given)
  2. If I Stay movie
  3. Friday Night Lights season 5
  4. Alex Reads Twilight
  5. Sarah Dessen new book 2011
  6. Unrequited Love
  7. It's Not Summer Without You
  8. Team Gale (yeah!)
  9. Ranger Apprentice movie
  10. The Weasley Family
This really doesn't make all that much sense to me.  #10 relates to the above #3 but other than that I am at a loss.  


Megan Burke said...

oh don't worry.

my top search keywords are SO random as well.

they include:
-lisa (one word?!)
-love tattoos (??)
-nick dane weaver (who the hell is that?!) (hahah i just googled it and my blog is the top hit! but again: who. the. hell. is. nick. dane. weaver?!)
-gilmore girls smoking (HUH?)

I also had a lot of hits from searches including the word Hitler which freaked me out. Until I located said post where I briefly mentioned Prince Harry's Hitler costume.

also, i get tonnes of traffic from alexandra adornetto.

she has little-to-none internet presense (we'll she's upped it recently with twitter and a facebook fan page but generally speaking its nothing) and I've mentioned her a few times, so all traffic comes to me...

Rhiannon Hart said...

I just checked mine (I'm such a nuff nuff that I wasn't even aware of Blogger stats--I was using Feedburner but it turns out it was grossly underestimating my traffic) and I get so much traffic from you! None of my reviews are in my top ten either, except that gush I did about North & Sound.

Anonymous said...


My top searches are: new releases april 2011, osteogenesis imperfecta, girl book releases 2011, entice carrie jones, stolen nights

What on Earth is osteogenesis imperfecta!? And how do you get Tea Mouse from searching that... O.O