Thursday, 28 October 2010

Tonight ... the beginning of the end (FNL)

Last Night in Dillon is the first episode of the final (and fifth) season of Friday Night Lights. A show that made me invest in fictional characters, on the celluloid, in a way I have never have before. I care about each and every one of them, even when I detest them (hello JD....Lyla). Dillon is real for me.  Of personal interest in Julie Taylor - Aimee Teegarden's portrayal of this bratty teen has transceded cliche and become one of the most accurate depictions of a teen today.  She may not have suffered like most of her peers but she has the most to live up to.  Eric and Tami Taylor are impossible shoes to fill but at least she'll always be known as the 'pretty' Taylor girl :P

And so this evening, I shall be wearing my Dillon Panthers (no longer accurate) t-shirt and letting the wonder drift over me. There are only thirteen more nights of new Dillon narrative to tell and I want to savour them.



Anonymous said...

Oh dear. I should just go ahead and start watching this show already.

Brianne Carter said...

Favourite show by far. Can't wait for the fifth season to start, but it's so bittersweet. I totally agree with you about Julie, she's such a realistic teenager. Matt Saracen is not only my favourite character on the show, but probably my favourite TV character ever.

But aw, I love Lyla :( :P Definitly miss her on the show. I'll second the JD comments lol.

Jordyn said...

"At least she'll always be the pretty Taylor girl."


Scary Grace.

Also, I'm not watching this until it's on NBC. So jealous of the rest of you. :)