Thursday 30 September 2010

Avalon High Film - Cast Pictures

Meg Cabot is a favourite author of mine.  She is partly responsible for my return to reading YA literature.  A small confession - I have yet to read The Princess Diaries series but I was completely engrossed in The Mediator series way before paranormal was the bee's knees.

Perhaps I am little behind the times but they are currently making an (Disney ugh) adaptation of Cabot's Avalon High.   Starring Life Unexpected's Britt Robertson, Castle's Molly Quinn (who I love / covet her hair) and a plethora of pretty but ultimately forgettable boys from the Disney stable - it is due for release during November 2010.

The movie was filmed in New Zealand during May and June of this year.

This is Robertson and Gregg Sulkin who play Allie and Will respectively.  I am slightly horrified by a) the amount of makeup slathered on them AND/OR b) the excessive air brushing.  Actually I want to add a c) they share the same lipstick colour...????

And here's a too young actor assigned the role of an older man resulting in a sad attempt at aging makeup and badly performed old age slouch.  AKA actor Steve Valentine who plays Mr Moore.  (There's no Mr Moore in the book, though there is a Mr Morton - name switcheroo perhaps?)

For those of you who are interested, here's one of the pretty boys (Sulkin) being interviewed about the movie.  Warning - you'll have to tolerate two spectacularly annoying hosts.


shabbygeek said...

I tried to watch the video. I tried. Those two hosts made it impossible for me.

william said...

The Princess Diaries is a great, great book. The movie made me want to kill myself.

Anonymous said...

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