Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Team Gale - A Break Up Letter

Darling Gale

When we met I was instantly enamoured. You were everything I wanted in a guy – tall, handsome, the ability to hunt your own meals. You were perfection all bundled up in a woodsy type that rejected bad dental hygiene and identifying family members as viable mates. You love and protect fiercely, you smell like the forest and run like the wind. It was instantaneous. One hunting afternoon and I was yours. My eyes were only for you.

People said I was wrong. That my love wasn’t to be. That you weren’t what you appeared to be. That you weren’t the right guy. But you knew, just like I did, that they were wrong. I admit I was infatuated and that I didn’t know you all that well but in my heart I knew you were the only choice. You love with everything you have. You champion when it is the only thing you have to offer. You fight when it is the only option.

You also have a hot bod.

Our love is fleeting. There are no cuddles on the couch, no long walks on the beach, no weekend getaways, no close encounters in a cave. You’re here one minute and gone the next. It’s almost hard to remember that you exist you are gone so long. But you made an impression on me, my love. A strong one. You have fire in your belly and spirit in your eyes. But I never forgot you, no matter the distractions thrown at me – fire, hybrid wolves, poison berries.

But I’ve come to realise that our relationship isn’t to be. That I am kidding myself. You are gone more than you are here. There is no guarantee about your future. Truth be it, it’s you, not me. I know you’re just going to break my heart. You're walking a road that travels in a singular direction - an unsatisfying future or death. I will be devastated, I will grieve but I can’t be with you when you go down that road. It will break me.

So I’ve decided the only thing that I can do...is make a clean break of it. There are no other options. I am not cheating on you. There is no one else, no baker’s son to fall back on. I know I am destined for heartbreak because I am in love with a supporting player. Our love was not meant to be.

It is with this my rebellious hunting man that I bid you farewell. I will admire you from afar, hope for the best and cheer you on. Our love wasn’t meant to be but that will not rob me of hope. Destiny has bigger plans for you and I have no strength, no power to intercede. I am powerless, a helpless bystander and it makes me bereft that our relationship has so little left.And yet, I must be strong. Loving someone means setting them free. I set you free in the hopes that you’ll fly back to me.

Fly back, please.

With ardent love and admiration,


PS Stay the hell away from the Mayor's daughter.

In defence of Team Gale post

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Steph Su said...

What the--? I'm confused. You're breaking up with Gale?? With Team Gale?? But you wrote that there is no baker's son to fall back on? I'm so...


*crawls back into confused hole...*

Carla said...

Ahhhh your cutting the cord loose before its ineviatbly tore away from you leaving a gaping hole where your heart once was.

Yes, this love is futile and will end in nothing but piles of snot covered tissues. But, I am and always will be Team Gale. i'm not ready to cut the cord just yet.

Aleksandra said...

I love Gale, too & although I know it's not going to be, I still love him ;)
"PS Stay the hell away from the Mayor's daughter." - I don't think he will ;)

Anonymous said...

"PS Stay the hell away from the Mayor's daughter" Ahem

I think you are wrong, I think the impossible happens all the time (especially in the middle of a rebellion) . I'll give my love for Gale and Katniss a chance.

Unknown said...

Hurray! Genius letter, fantastic reasoning. Of course, I'm Team Peeta, so naturally I'd think that. :-)

Allison said...

three cheers for him staying the hell away from the mayor's daughter...the hussy.

Angiegirl said...

I refuse to give up hope, Adele. I shall carry your lost hope along with mine.

Mrs. DeRaps said...

Nice letter. Love the PS.

And, I linked this in my Mockingjay Madness post. Here's the link:


A.J. said...

What's wrong with Madge?

Maree Jones said...

Ha ha. Awesome. Can anything cripple a love story more than being in love with a supporting player? I'm rooting for the baker's son. His love is pure as freshly risen dough. :)

Courtney said...

Superb! I'll be broken if he goes with that mayor's daughter.

I think Katniss is going to have to face her anger against her mother for sinking into such a depression after her father's death. I can see this coming about if/when Katniss falls into a similar depression after Gale's death. But, of course, Peeta will help her pick up the pieces.

Being on Team Gale, I would have no problem with Gale helping her deal with Peeta's death. Just sayin'.

Pens said...

Great letter :) I am Team Gale but I definitely feel you on this one. I am bracing myself for heartbreak, I don't think we are getting a HEA (to say the least!). The series is amazing though, so I am happy to go wherever Suzanne Collins takes us.

Tales of Whimsy said...

Super cute post!

Em said...

I love this. Thank you. Best thing I've read this morning.

Poshdeluxe (Forever Young Adult) said...


but then i read yr letter and realized that a) you're not team peeta b) you had v. good reasons to be team gale and even better reasons to break up with him now before it's too late and THINGS GO HORRIBLY AWRY. as i fear they will.

adele, i wish yr heart a full recovery, and may i suggest a rendevous with jonah griggs or marcus flutie to speed up the process?